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Does Extremophile worth it?
29-01-2015, 01:52 PM
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RE: Does Extremophile worth it?
(28-01-2015 05:24 PM)kon Wrote:  
(28-01-2015 03:44 PM)Patient Zero Wrote:  Does Extremophile worth it?

You know that some of guides on the Internet suggests to use Extremophile, but I have some words to say.

Ok, so let's start. People might think that increasing infectivity in all countries will be fast, but not all countries are "influental" which means not all countries have airports, lots of neighbors and seaports, and not rich(which makes it much easier to infect). Countries like Russia(its quite influental becuz it infects Greenland), Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt etc. are influental because it infects other countries quickly, but most of them are rural countries. And if you notice, there are less country that are humid and urban (or its just me).

But I might have more things to know. If Extremophile's infectivity is x and other normal environtment genes are 4x, I wouldn't use it, but if Extremophile increases more than x, then I'm not sure. And some other stuffs.

Ok, let's return to main topic. Should I use Extremophile?

(tip: sorry if your confused with my grammar)
You can get Greenland through Russia: Rural
Iceland through Saudi Arabia (plane): Arid
Madagascar through Saudi Arabia: Arid
New Zealand through Saudi Arabia(plane): Arid
Papua New Guinea, Philippines: Indonesia: Humid
Carribean: Mexico/USA/UK: Arid/Urban/Urban

The most of them is Arid, but the Extremophile gene adds bonus to EVERY country. So for example if you really want greenland you set the rurophile gene, but you have than less chances get the Carribean than when using Extremophile gene.
I use when I can the Extremophile gene+Aquacyte.
Sorry for bad english (4th language)

Well, I agree with you, thanks for the tip!

But I have another stuff to ask: the starting country.

For example, you start in Brazil. Then you use Rurophile. Then if your starting country gets infected fast, the world will also be infected fast. (look, this is quite similiar to the Native Biome travel gene) then what about it? As a starting country, I would pick the one that isn't rich and has airports and seaports, like Brazil, Russia, Egypt, and India and they're rural.
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