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Event Labs
14-03-2015, 01:09 AM
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Plague Inc Event Labs
so im make a custom scenario of course but i don't know how to make a working Event Lab. So i want to make a event called battle, im using Simian Flu for this and im trying to make a event every time i do ape rampage it will determine if the battle was a win or lost. So i made an event and it didn't work. I know what i did wrong, the thing that i have been doing wrong is im not asking any one help because i don't know how to use this and i just started my first one. This is what i put for the event

Global Conditions
(1) If Tech: triggered(ape_rampage) untriggered()
Country Conditions
{ I have nothing Here}
(1) condition: and country dead ape population > Country Dead Population
(A)Effect: Battle Lost
(2)Else: (A)Effect: Battle won

I want to know what am i doing wrong
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29-03-2015, 06:39 AM (This post was last modified: 29-03-2015 06:51 AM by m.d.linzenm1ef.)
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Event Labs
Ape rampage targets labs if they exist in the country you engaged...if no lab exists I'm not sure what really happens. However, only intelligent apes in the country alive...from what I gather. If that is the case...when the rampage is triggered, store the number of country intelligent apes alive...then make a country event that fires every day until the variable rampage .... There are 2, rampage length and...another one...the one I can't remember indicates if apes are currently rampaging...when that variable returns false compare the stored value of intelligent apes against the new value. If the new value is 0 you lost....if it's not 0, and the country alive value is 0 you won...if both intelligent apes and country alive are > 0 nobody really won....if the country had a lab when the rampage was triggered, check the variable that indicates if it was destroyed...if yes you win.... I really hope this helps.

Fyi .. country dead ape population is all dead ape country count ..healthy, unintelligent and intelligent combined. ... Country dead population is humans of course....but drones will kill apes...multiple rampages in the same country would throw that off short too many other factors are in play that alter body counts on both sides. answer why what you did doesn't work is because you are comparing data before the rampage even starts. The global watch event for when they stop rampaging is where the nested if statements should be and the event you are currently trying to use should be where you collect the pre battle data
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