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division of the humans and more bars.
03-04-2015, 03:05 AM
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division of the humans and more bars.
So, I have few ideas about the scenario creator, I have search a little, and I haven't find them, so:

-Be able to separate the population in different part, like for the zombies or apes, for example, a scenario about werewolf can make his disease transform infected who go on a werewolf bar (and so make a "transformation time" in the diseases effect), and still make the human bar go down, but a werewolf won't die from lethality of the disease compared to an human, so we can "eradicate humanity" without needed to kill, if just the number reach 0 it's good, even if they all goes in a werewolf bar.
And even make this bar contain already a number, like the ape for the simian flu.
So we can chose the name of this population, the color of her bar, and the effect of the diseases on this number.
If possible make it possible to create many bar like that and be able to make an impact of this number on the human's number (more werewolf mean more attack, so more death, and more infection...)

-Be able to separate the humans in smaller bars, like for example, the sanguine group (A, B...) and be able to make lethality only on one of this group for a blood-cells virus, which will infect just this group if he's not evolved for the others group, but on the total of humans, we still see that some are infected. It's like subdivision of the principal number, but still count in it.
So we can make that a number of the population have resistances or is more affected by a transmission trait...

-Make a number of new humans each year, to simulate the reproduction, and make the necroa virus really hard if the cure is done and a group of people still living, because they can be enough to counter our zombies.

-Make possible to have more win option, because I've tried a little the scenario creator, and I've seen that we can only make 1 custom win. (maybe I haven't find how make more, so in this case ignore that)

-Making migration "road" for bird or other species, to let the possibility to spread the infection to country even with the airports and ports, but needed to wait the passage in spring or autumn. (or any specific mouth if we can created this "road")

There, it's all I have for the moment. Tanks to read this.
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10-04-2015, 10:41 PM
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RE: division of the humans and more bars.
Great ideas.
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