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Event Lab
24-04-2015, 12:27 PM
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Sad Event Lab
I have created a Simian Flu-plague and wanted to add an atomic bomb-event, which quickly kills all humans and apes of random countries from time to time, regardless of whether they are infected or not.
Unfortunately I could only find options in the action and event lab to kill infected humans. How I can create an event like this?
Another question: Is there a possibility to create an event, which only affect one special country (for example England)? I have not found a feature in the event lab for this, even I have activated the advanced mode (but I have noticed that there are gray, blocked tools when I click on the spanner icon. They are always blocked, maybe I have forgotten something).
I hope you can help me.
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21-05-2015, 02:29 PM
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RE: Event Lab
WoW, many questions. I experimented 3 days till I had the answers. Big Grin

You can only effect a special country when the special country matches the trigger conditions. Special countries can be defined like this:Regional Condition: (IF Start Country = TRUE). Then the Output for this Event aims the Start country where your virus starts. Look for another options like IF lab status = ACTIVE or IF country infected population > 1000.

You cant modify the ape population per Event at the moment! You can only switch healthy human people to infected and infected to dead.

The Advanced Options are for doing Mathoperations and the grey Blocks becomes Brackets when you use more then one variable like:
Custom Global Variable 1 = (Infected Population / 100 * 24) + (3 - 8)
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