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Scenario Competition Results!
25-06-2015, 06:40 PM
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Plague Inc Scenario Competition Results!
Well done to everyone who entered the Plague Inc: Evolved "Bugs and Insects" Custom scenario competition. It's been fantastic to see so many people getting involved in the community and making enormously creative scenarios.

We had over 130 submissions, and we have played them all, (lots of them multiple times). We've seen everything from Ancient Egyptian Scarab beetles to World Wide Computer Bugs to gruesome Human Centipedes! We were really impressed with the overall standard and with so many great entries, judging the competition has been really challenging!

Anyway, what you are really interested in, is who has won. We first narrowed it down to a "long list" of possible winners (honourable mentions) and then narrowed this down to the final shortlist (Runners up). Finally, we then deliberated for quite a while about who were the three prize winners. So here are the results:

1ST PRIZE ($100 Steam/Amazon voucher) - Anti-Plague - Necroa Virus BY ya.bym5

[Image: 543-2015-07-38-41-Antiplague-ending.jpg]

2ND PRIZE (Extra copy of Plague Inc: Evolved and Soundtrack) - Cyber Hive BY Si1entium
3RD PRIZE (Plague Inc: Evolved Soundtrack) - The Curse BY [SnS] Khemikal

Don't let the bugs bite BY Eremus007
Assimilation Bugs BY infernalthing
World Infestation BY glasswalker932

Bugs and Insects: Vengeance BY kingdomrusher3
Hive Mind BY Eeveeiott
Ophiocordyceps unilateralis BY Knjazh
Rise of the Insects BY conman813
Skin Crawlers BY infernalthing
The Fourth Plague BY DreadPirateDavid
The Human Centipede BY sfbsemmel junior
Web Death BY lewis5501
WWB (World Wide Bug) BY wolle981
You encountered a bug! BY NoVeXX

Congratulations to our winners (we'll be emailing you shortly) and thanks very much to everyone that entered, there were many more great scenarios and you should all b proud of your creations. We will be featuring everyone mentioned above at some point over the next few months.
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