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Choice on Genes
06-07-2015, 05:34 PM (This post was last modified: 06-07-2015 05:36 PM by Scorpion.)
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RE: Choice on Genes
(05-07-2015 10:38 PM)Trollbreeder Wrote:  So you clicked on this post for gene stuff? Alright!
Choice, People make those atleast 8 times a day (Thanks to The Stanley Parable "Choice" Team Service Anouncement). How do you choose?
I either recommend Catalytic Switch (Useful for diseases whit high severity.) or Metabolic Hijack (Usefull for people who want to lean back and relax OR for lazy people.), Then you take Genetic Mimic (Nano-Virus, Bio weapon or Simian Flu), Creationist (For plague types that make it cost DNA points to devolve like Virus, Simian Flu, Bio weapon...) or Darwinist (For plague types whit refunds like Bacteria, Fungus, Strangly tough, A Nano-Virus, Hence the name, Has refunds.) You can take any Travel genes and enviroment genes, But for Neurax Worm's sake, Take Sympto-Stasis. Its the most usefull Evolution gene, especialy whit Genetic Mimic? Its so darn usefull that even Lathrix approves this gene.
Thats it whit the choice, Hope you learned something!
Bye Bye!

your recommendation is a big fail.

ATP boost and metabolic jump are the best genes for DNA
for mutation genes Darwinist is the best or pick creationist if you play virus...
for transmission genes the Aquacyte is the best
for evolution genes sympto is the best for many plagues, trans is the best for Neurax Worm and Patho for fungus
for enviro genes extremophile is the best or pick gene that boosts your starting country
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