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New Scenario / Mode
18-07-2015, 07:52 PM (This post was last modified: 18-07-2015 08:12 PM by willjr08.)
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Plague Inc New Scenario / Mode
I hade an idea for either a really big scenario or a new mode. I warn you this might be a lot of reading but it is a really good idea, and I wouldn't have took the time to type it if it wasn't worth it.

Scenario Name:Doomsday

Story: This scenario takes place during the incoming end of humanity. What makes it unique is the fact that instead of being the only factor to humanity's end, like normal, there are multiple factors that unlocks later on. Such as robot up rises, zombie outbreaks, world wide black outs, and another plague. You can win the game in two ways. The first is to be the main factor to the downfall of humanity by killing the most humans. Or if you play as a special plague type, you can save humanity by stopping the other factors in other areas of the world, similar to Santa's Little Helper, where you bring fun back to humans, by killing off the self aware robots, plagues, or reviving large portions of people working on a cure. Each of the special plagues have a certain advantage in their own respects and they all take on one of the factors (Robots, plagues and death)

Neurax Worm: The Neurax Worm, using its mind manipulation, will infect those infected with the other plague (With abilities using DNA, based on your reputation with Humanity and your abilities, such as sending in men in hazmats to spray your plague in largely infected areas.) If you are able to neutralize all 3 plagues (The Heat Death in The hot / arid places of earth, Rapture in Rich, temperate places, and the Iceworm in Canada, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, and the colder parts of the world)

Simian Flu: The Simian Flu will take on the robots. Instead of the Gen Sys Labs there will be testing labs that test on apes for weapons against humans. After breaking out, humans will begin to rebel against robots. Instead of the absolute brain death from the neurological enhancement path, the entire path will be used to help the infected fight the robots. Doing this will eventually get you enough reputation to allow for armored apes, with laser weapons. You win when you destroy the Mastermind, or the central AI, who's location is random based on how many robots are in a location (Similar on how the Z-Com base is founded, except more robots increases the likelihood of it happening).

Necroa Virus: This plague will take on the majority of society that has passed on. The regenerative properties of this plague will be used to save humanity, not kill it, by being able to bring back the dead. As soon as you start you have two starting abilities you could choose. The first is zombification, which will cause the start of the zombie apocalypse (except the only way to infect people is by them being attacked by zombies, but other than that it is a completely normal same with they same symptoms (except the ones that were for raising the dead now allow the infected to slowly become zombies.) The new ability, Reincarnation, will allow for the human alignment path, by reviving the many killed by the end of humanity. At first, the reincarnations will only be temporary, and your plague will rely on the mercy of those living with the plague to transfer it, but as evolve your plague to increase the comfort of humans with the disease, increase how long reincarnates live, and increase infectivity, you will eventually be able to evolve a trait called "Permenant Reincarnation" that will not only allow the person to give on, but will allow your plague to become them, to generate a personality and live on in the human body, to become more human, and after they die, the plague will use the DNA of the person it was, will find a recently killed body and start over. After Permenant Reincarnation is developed, you can evolve different variants of the new Necroa Human, such as a tank-like superhuman, or a Super intelligent genius. You win once you are able to revive the 3 billion people who were already dead upon starting. However, if you would like to kill humanity, you can work with the other plagues (Heat Death, Iceworm, and Rapture) by evolving Enslavement, which will turn the reincarnated into slaves, and they hide in plain sight, and kill the unsuspecting, and will use a call to call over a new host for the human. You could also evolve Language understanding, which will allow you to tell humans about the plague.
Necroa Virus Difficulty: On casual the reincarnations are easier to believe and less frightening to Governments (As in less likely to be thought of as a zombie). On normal reincarnations are as convincing as a real person and Governments are neutral to the idea of them. On Brutal, Reincarnates aren't easily believed and Governments do live testing on them. On Mega Brutal, Reincarnates are taken as seriously as a 7 year old and Governments have them killed.

Starting this Scenario: You start off with 10 DNA and a headline that says "The end is inbound, there is nearly no hope for humanity." the news message speaks of the robots who are enslaving cities, the 3 plagues that have infected most of society, and the 3 billion people who have been killed because of it. In symptoms, there are two types, some to fight the humans, and others to fight the plagues and robots. Either you get fatal fast or join the humans, because the 3 plagues start off exactly like you, except with the mind of casual, normal, brutal, or Mega Brutal.

Starting the Scenario (Exceptions): If you start as the nano-virus, the news will say "Breaking News: (Nano-virus name made by player) created to defeat robots. Last hope we have to evade Robot enslavement.". If you choose Bio-weapon, the news will say "Breaking News: (plague name) has been developed in (starting country) in hopes that it could potentially kill off the dominant plague there. Creator declares it feels like he is playing Plague Inc."

Difficulty: At Casual, they get a disadvantage and poor AI. At normal you're evenly matched. At brutal they get added transport and good AI. At mega brutal they start with 1 country completely infected for each plague, extremely intelligent AI, and they are harder to kill. This is how it works for all three factors excluding Death, which will be explained later.

Ways to Win: The ways to win for non special plagues are to kill off humanity first or stop the other plagues, but instead of the Neurax worm where you win, if your not a special plague you have to kill of humanity. The bio-weapon is able to win by killing off the other plagues and the nano-virus is able to win by either destroying the robots or by infecting them, and taking them over to destroy the humans with them, similar to the zombie plague, except with robots. In areas you have infected, you show up as red dots. In areas where the Iceworm (the parasite in the cold places on earth) appear as pale blue. In areas where the Heat Death (the bacteria for the hot and arid places on earth) appears as a deep orange. And the Rapture (The virus for the rich and or temperate areas of earth) appears as a gray. Enemy Robots only appear if your nano-virus or simian flu, but they appear as yellow. Dead people will appear as black, and revived people for the Necroa Virus appear as a pink color.

Changes and Additions: If you are choosing to fight for the humans, cure bubbles are replaced with plague bubbles. Popping them will lower the lethality of the 3 plagues (which will replace the cure) Losing means that humanity is wiped out and you didn't do it. There will be a kill leaderboard in your plague menu, replacing how many kills per day you have with how many more kills per day than the most powerful of the 3 plagues. In Necroa virus, the hoard movement is replaced with revived movement, where revived humans move to a different location. Also, the Necroa virus is able to create settlements and laboratories once Bodily Regeneration is researched. The nano-virus, due to its obvious connection to robots, should get its own special branch in this Scenario. All of the plagues that are working with humanity will have a menu, similar to the Ape and Zombie menus you get with the Necroa Virus and the Simian Flu.

Nano-Virus: If you are a nano-virus you can immediately research either Malware (for fighting / taking over robots) or Infection (if you want to destroy humanity.) This choice is necessary, but only Infection will have an immediate effect, where Malware will allow for a long-term choice. Evolving Malware allows you to infect robots with a computer virus, which is upgradable in abilities (it has a light green tone to its coloration) and once you destroy your first robot factory, you will start developing your own robots to fight more, since after the first factory, the robots self-upgraded to prevent the virus. After 7 or 14 factories, depending on difficulty, you encounter an AI Core. There are 3 of them. You get two button options after taking it over. The choice is to either destroy the AI Core (Which will permanently align you with the humans) or to take it over (Which will become a key factor in taking down humans). At any time after choosing to take it over (Which makes your robots 25% stronger in all aspects) you can evolve Self-Awareness, which will allow you to attack humans, or you could evolve Artificial Intelligence, which will allow you to communicate with humans, aligning you with humans permanently.
Choosing to evolve Self-Awareness: Choosing this will cause the humans to work on a fail-safe. Unless you destroy your first factory they will use it to research the nano-virus, giving them a 50% research bonus. After researching it you can begin to research better AI for your robots. The nano-virus (or the mind of the robots) is all that keeps the robot alive, so if they develop a cure, you have ~20 seconds before the signal broadcasts. If you saved up DNA, a new transport ability opens up in those 20 seconds (there will be a timer for it) called "Signal Switch" which will swap the fail safe code with their research files, which will allow the nano-virus to set their research back to ten (written documents), along with a -5% to their research (Doesn't stack). There are 5 signal switch genes (similar to the spore burst for the fungus) until you get Signal break, which will infect their signal with a virus that will infect research computers. It will set the cure back to 10% and will give them a -10% disadvantage to their research. The only way to win this path is to destroy all of the countries and create robot run cities in their place.
Choosing to evolve Artificial Intelligence: Doing this will alert the scientists of your self awareness, except instead of the Self-Awareness ability where you attack humans, instead your are self-aware in a different way. You have become sentient, aware of your surroundings,and wish to co-exist with the human race. This would signal your voluntary will to help humans. This will allow you to continue your story with humanity (so will destroying the AI Core, but by doing it this way, it will increase in difficulty, skill, and ability.) Similar to Self-Awareness, you have free-will, so you have to keep your robots in check. This means that you have to make sure your Untamed AI (Which will replace severity) doesn't get too high or some robots will become self aware and rebel against you. If too many become like that humans will begin working against you. You can lower your Untamed AI by evolving an ability that, similar to Spore Burst, will have 10 AI Regulators, which lower untamed AI, and two abilities you can get after using 5 AI Regulators. The first one, after your first 5, is called the Fail-Safe Chip, which is wired to all the nano-virus' parts, and will alert scientists if the AI becomes rebellious, allowing them to shut them down before people get hurt. It will raise the amount of rouge robots you can have at one time without humans taking action against you, and will decrease the amount of rouge AI the way you win this one is to take over the other 2 AI cores (This is also what you would have to do if you destroyed the first AI core, but instead of take them over, you would destroy them)

The Catch: What will make this mode hard is the fact that your fatality is reduced due to the already 3 billion dead and having to worry about your strength (a new stat) which will be in abilities. If your strength is lower than another plague (which will also be in your plague menu, along side the deaths) then you couldn't take over an already infected country unless you got stronger. You can lose if the other plagues kill you off, by killing everyone you infected or being significantly stronger than you.

The Cure: Since humans are already curing the other plagues, popping cure bubbles (which still appear if you are trying to kill the humans) will slow down the cure on you, and slightly raise attention toward the other plagues.

Reputation with Humanity: To gain reputation, you must be a plague that can affect thoughts or resides in the brain (Neurax worm, prion or parasite), infect a person of power (such as the president) and have "Language Understanding" developed. However, it is also possible to earn reputation with the humans by showing them, via killing off one of the plagues as any plague type that isn't used for another one of the factors, destroying a robot factory as simian flu or nano-virus. (Nano-virus and Bio-weapon start aligned with humans, since humans made them, not much but enough to not be neutral, you can swap sides by taking over a robot factory as a nano-virus, or by developing the Human Hostility ability as Bio-weapon).

Betrayal: Betray the humans by developing Self-Awareness after taking over the second AI Core
Nien!: Start as Necroa Virus in Germany on Normal, and revive the entire population of Germany with Permenant Reincarnation, and get the news message "Breaking News: (plague name) has WWII veterans worried that (plague name) might be able to revive Adolf Hitler."
Are you GLaD now?: Have so many rouge robots that they take over an AI core.
It's just you and me now: Defeat all 3 plagues on mega brutal.
Never mind: Go from hurting the humans to helping the humans by infecting humans with negative symptoms, then devolve it and evolve symptoms to attack the other plagues.
Ayyyy Lmao: Win on mega brutal as a nano-virus named aliens by becoming self aware, taking over all the AI cores, and hack a space satellite without using Signal Break.
There can only be one: Beat the Iceworm as a parasite named Iceworm on mega brutal, beat Rapture as a virus named Rapture on Mega Brutal, and beat Heat Death as a bacteria named Heat Death on mega brutal.
You work for us now!: As Necroa virus on the Enslavement path, enslave a president, a CEO, and a celebrity on mega-brutal.

NOTICE: Sorry for my lack of symptoms. I did this to allow either you readers or developers to think of. Mainly due to my desire to not only see my ideas be put in, but the ideas that were sparked by the reader, ideas I didn't think of. Putting my ideas for symptoms would cover most of the faces, it would only be my ideas, and as great as I see them to be, that's not the point of a suggestion.
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16-09-2015, 07:46 AM (This post was last modified: 16-09-2015 07:51 AM by Biohazard99.)
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RE: New Scenario / Mode
Honestly I was too lazy to read the whole chunk of words,
1. It's a good idea! Love it
2. It's a bit too complicated to be played in a single game. Maybe split them into scenarios or use them as options to choose (number of plagues to fight up to player)
3. One plague is not enough to handle all three super plagues.
4. Allow the three plagues to kill each other before actually fighting I.e. Game has started, and people are being infected, but it's just a "passive" disease like the flu, infecting people and growing the army

I really can't comment further because I haven't read the whole chunk, but I will.

(18-07-2015 07:52 PM)willjr08 Wrote:  Dead people will appear as black, and revived people for the Necroa Virus appear as a pink color.

i don't think the zombies are in the pink if health are they?
(Sorry, I couldn't help but make this awfully lame joke ???)
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