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Alien Plague
20-07-2015, 12:06 AM
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Lightbulb Alien Plague

"Welcome to the Planet Cimed N15. Select your starting country."

Summary: All of the plagues currently reside on Earth. However, bacteria exist on Mars and other planets can hold life. After a while of playing with 1 plague, it becomes easy for them all, since all the events are the same, as in there are only some that actually do things, and eventually you experience them all. What if you make a new planet called Cimed N51 (Read it backwards and remove the numbers and spaces) and have your plague infect aliens.

The Aliens: These aliens, the Noirdakfs, (No-irr-dak-fs) are humanoid like aliens with shiny mirror like bone plates on their head to replace hair (female plates are reddish). With their advanced technology and increased intellect, they have been able to secretly abduct and probe humans, and fully understand and develop cures for all human ailments. They worship their gods in temples and sacrifice those who are born with gray skin (as opposed to the majority, that has either pale blue or white skin). Any and every sickness that has appeared on their planet has been cured using a wonder drug called Thyron (Thie-ron). After years of neglect, the seal that ancient aliens once used to hold back evil spirits has cracked, releasing an evil that seeks revenge on its captures. Can your plague overpower a drug more powerful than any earth sickness known?

Planet Landscape: The planet has many scattered islands and 3 major land masses, and is 3 times the size of earth. The 3 continents are Povitha, Normatica, and Richart.

Povitha: Povitha is a dry, barren wasteland with little to no vegetation, the country receives little rain, has scorching hot, humid summers, hot falls, warm, humid winters, and hot springs. The coasts are very similar in weather as Hawaii, except no snow ever falls. This landmass has 6 countries. The first one, Byter, is on the southern most coast, is a leading exporter of Aastre Fruit (a key ingredient in Thyron) and is a rich, hot, humid country. The second country, Arithaa, is a circular country in the center of the landmass. They are the farthest from the coast yet is abundant in water, from the many caves full of ground water in them. They are a poor, hot, arid, humid country. The third, Huterty, is on the north coast, and is a hot and humid country. The forth, Zetra, is the biggest and the most temperate. They reside on the east coast and is best known for the renown Retai Crystals that grow out of the ground every year and cool off the areas they come out from. The crystals, with its lightweight properties and strength, is used to create LFA's (Low flying aircrafts.) It's a rich, humid country. The fifth and sixth, Gynotre and Pyrotre, are always fighting. If someone dies in Gynotre, Pyrotre is blamed for it. Both are poor and humid, with 2 million residents each (approximately) and both have airports.
(Normatica is a middle class cold continent and Richart is a rich, temperate continent)


Tier 1 Symptoms:

Lump-plate: The bone plate on the heads of the infected become weak and begin to get lumpy as a result to air. Increases severity. Leads to Platache.
Crackle: Infection of the lungs causes for more air to be inhale for the plague, causing a crackling sound every time they breath in. Increases infectivity and leads to Weakened Airways
Amber Eye: The plague infects the eye, causing an orange shine to replace the black eyes they usually have. Increases severity, leads to Optical Override.
Neural Deletion 1: Infected brain cells rot, causing infected to forget things and become less intelligent. Increases severity and leads to Neural Deletion 2.

Tier 2 Symptoms
Platache: The plate on an infected person's head looses its protective coating of thin bone layering, causing their plate to ache. Leads to Deplating.
Weakened Airways: The airways in the lungs of the infected become weaker. Increases severity especially in Povithan Countries. Leads to Suffocation.
Optical Override: The optical nerves of the infected become corrupt and could cause blindness. Could be fatal. Leads to Brain Bleeding.
Neural Deletion 2: The plague now resides in the center brain, removing the memories assosiated with health. Makes the disease significantly harder to cure. Leads to Neural Dominance.

Tier 3 Symptoms:
Deplating: The disease now replaces the inner bone with eggs, causing the plate to fall out, exposing the brain to the elements. Increasing severity and lethality. Leads to Bone Cracking.
Suffocation: The plague now fills the lungs with eggs, causing the victim to slowly begin to have to breath harder and harder until the eggs hatch, causing the victim to suffocate and die so the plague can escape the body.
Brain Bleeding: The plague now use the brain as a temporary breeding ground, then burrow into brain cells to lay eggs, causing bleeding. Is very fatal.
Neural Dominance: The plague now corrupt memories of the infected with customs of the past, those of the rituals of the seal, and how the evil now rules them. Decreases lethality , increases severity. Causes infected to surrender to the plague.

Tier 4 Symptoms:
Bone Cracking: The plague now uses the bone in the skeletons of the infected to teach their hatchlings how to burrow. Extremely increases lethality.

Deplating + Brain Bleeding = Redheads. The loss of the plate and a bleeding brain causes the heads of the infected to be covered in red, spilling blood everywhere. Increases severity and infectivity.

Crackle + Bone Cracking = Breath and Break: The additional air that needs to be inhaled for a breath causes the spine to break in some cases. Increases lethality and severity.


Ayyy Lmao: Beat a game on normal or higher.
That's... Impossible!: Fully develop drug resistance 1 - 3 before being detected, causing a new report saying that the drug is fully resistant to the wonder drug, which was deemed impossible.
Drugged Drugs: Evolve transmission through Aastre Fruit to level 3, causing your plague to infect Tyron developers, increasing your infectivity and is the only way to infect Richart once they shut down everything.
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26-07-2015, 11:47 PM
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RE: Alien Plague
Looks pretty cool... ye it would be great to have another planet... or just add earth in 15 century
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27-07-2015, 01:50 AM
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RE: Alien Plague
Love the idea!
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27-07-2015, 07:31 PM
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Alien Plague

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19-10-2015, 10:27 AM
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RE: Alien Plague
Here's a suggestion for your plague...
Atomic Shape shift: Body's shape will reforms to bone slipping. Turns into aliens

Sorry for misunderstanding.
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21-10-2015, 05:14 PM (This post was last modified: 21-10-2015 05:24 PM by AnimalMan.)
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RE: Alien Plague
Maybe add a second planet. But maybe just Mars or the Moon, where transmission to country colonys is very tough as they are far away and trade linked in obscure ways. Neurax worm would work well to encourage travel. But ultimately all virus, perhaps even simian flu could be adapted, with certain abilties without use like travel and hoard. Random events could introduce other earth country's to form new colonys making bridging from major starting colonys easier... meh. It's a good idea. But unlikely to see development in this game. Maybe a sequel something similar might come about.

I like the idea of a classic alien virus. Where you can control an alien invasion to wipe out humanity for extraterrestrial repopulation, with all the classic alien features like probes, abductions, Animal mutilations, crop circles and land markings. With a large Mothership that can be used to boost disease effectiveness depending which country you hover it over, with stealth ability upgrades to delay detection, and radar jamming to shut down airports in occupied countryes. Could include all the major story lines depending on start location, like area 51, the Nazca Lines, Russian meteorite, South African invasion, Indian vimana and Japanese alien washed ashore. Disease effects just make people stupid. Ultimately majorly efficient lethality must be achieved by invasion, hand to hand combat (the signs) - laser weapons (Mars attacks) - or death beam (independence day) just lump it all in one. With panspermia (pathogen travels on meteorites) options liken that. Make it broad. Simple concept. But really diverse and fun at the same time. Doesn't have to be as complex as simian flu or necroa but could still make a sick game.
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17-11-2015, 03:03 PM
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Question RE: Alien Plague
Just to be clear, were you thinking of this being a Scenario or a new Plague type? I like the idea by the way. Very meticulously thought out.
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