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Icon Suggestions
13-09-2015, 11:40 PM (This post was last modified: 13-09-2015 11:48 PM by AnimalM5ba.)
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Icon Suggestions
So, I am designing a Halloween themed scenario.
Within this scenario I have a range of custom icons.
I use colour in my custom icons to give a real halloween feel to them.
Something I noticed was - Neurax Worm unique coloured icons have their own unique non-inverted colours when trait is evolved. I.e orange to red, instead of orange to inverted blue
Could the ability to turn off inverted colours when trait evolved be a possible addition to the scenario editor? Being effective only on the icon image not the background.
Or alternatively - overide trait evolved icon - and additionally override overlay evolved icon.

Also it would be cool if you could implement official scenario icons into the editor for usage aswell such as the cat - computer - gift box - cracker cocoon and many more.

What do you think? Oh, and do you have any additional gameplay/editor updates coming soon?

Many thanks for your previous responses. The game is a real work of genius. I would love to help it reach its full potential in any way i can. I'd also buy myself a Neurax worm if you get them made. Look forward to your response.
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