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When are the humans alerted?
11-10-2015, 07:50 PM
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RE: When are the humans alerted?
Yes. I beat Brutal. Thanks for the help.
I tried the same strat on mega Brutal with no success.

I don't understand did you beat it?

The Strat probably works better because instead of evolving level 1 and 2 right after the other you broaden your reach so is effective to a wider range of specific country traits from an earlier stage - and then hit level 2. This allows for a better land transmission before borders are closed and disease is noticed - making more country's susceptible, when level 2 is hit it merely increases infectivity faster within the range of country's that currently have a small amount of infected from level 1s.
It is also to do with the realism factor of the game of how bacteria actually spreads. Notice immune suppression is a good symptom to evolve with Bacteria because this is what bacteria does, weakens you allowing other infections to become more severe. Bacteria spreading by air is unlike a real life situation which most likely has a negative effect on harder settings.

I chose Saudi Arabia because of its connections via airport and seaport and is a good central spot to take advantage of land transmission and hit China and Africa early. Just north of saudi Arabia comes the humid zones east of Europe making water effective whilst blood covers the poor regions and drug gets the wealthy.

I'm not 100% certain but seems logical. Let me know if you get stuck again.

P.s the interesting thing would be to use my Strat but change order of evolutions and test the outcome. I'll try this sometime and post the results. I'm sure it could turn out differently. Lots going on in the game. Including evolving and devolving and orders of evolutions as factors of sucsess or failure. Country starting location can also affect the in game news reel. Which if you respond to it can make elements of the game easier.
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