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Film Fanatic Thoughts
25-10-2015, 12:41 AM
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Film Fanatic Thoughts
I believe I know how to get this achievement! I followed many guides to the letter, but no success, until I tweaked some things on my game....

The achievement needs you to have some healthy people in the US, around a few hundred thousand to a million. 99% of the world must be dead, and the cure is at 100% but instead of the "Eradicated" popup, you get the "Planet of the Apes" popup and the achievement.

Here's what I did to get the achievement:

Starting Genes I had:

-Metalbolic Hijack (I was too lazy to pop the bubbles xD I recommend changing this to ATP boost for extra dna but it's your call here)
-Native Biome (you can change this too, I don't think it matters that much)
-Ion Surge (Very helpful, you will be devolving a LOT)
-Together Strong (Helps with devolving and Ape Abilities)
-Extremophile (why not? It gives a bonus to all enviroments, not just one!)

After setting up my genes, I followed this guide up until when you are ready to start mass murdering people (when every ape and human is infected and the cure is at 70%)

Once everything is ready, I let the mutations happen, and I evolved some lethal symptoms like the guide said. At this point my lethality was around half filled. Once the world pop was around 4-3.5 million, I paused the game and devolved all my genetic reshuffles. (I left my lethal symptoms alone) I made sure that an ape colony was in the US, and then I rampaged every colony except the one in the US. When the world population was around 1.9 million, and there were some healthy people in the US, I got the Planet of the Apes popup instead of the Eradicated popup and the achievement.

I believe that NOT devolving your lethal symptoms is crucial to getting this achievement, as on my other playthroughs when I did devolve those symptoms, I didn't get the achievement. It's safe to say that to get this achievement, it is required to have:
-Healthy people in the US (cure must be at 100% and 99% of world is dead)
-Disease must still be lethal (no devolving lethal symptoms in the endgame)

Any confirmation that this info is correct? I think i'll do some testing in the meantime to see if this'll work again, I might be just lucky Smile
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