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WP Game won't end
18-11-2015, 02:45 PM
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RE: WP Game won't end
(18-11-2015 11:39 AM)NdemicTom Wrote:  
(17-11-2015 02:35 PM)sr1800psf Wrote:  When playing any scenario on my HTC M8 One for WP8, after killing everyone the game will not end. I see the headline scroll freeze for a second, like the game is going to the victory screen, but then continues to scroll. Uninstalling then re-installing the app will fix this, but only for a brief time. Please help.

Thanks for reporting this, we are aware of it and looking into it.

What disease does it happen on? Any particular playing mode? What happens if you save the game and load it when this is happening?

Any disease at any difficulty with any genes or cheats. Saving that game and re loading it will only continue with everyone dead but the game not declaring victory.
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