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subdivision of countries in Evolved
23-12-2015, 02:03 AM
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RE: subdivision of countries in Evolved
(19-12-2015 10:09 AM)tau1996 Wrote:  
(15-12-2015 09:45 PM)Akihiro Tsuji Wrote:  Hello. I play and enjoy Plague inc. so much. I have an suggestion, Would you regroup countries finer in Plague inc.: Evolved? sometimes I think that there should be more countries in Plague inc. for example, Southeast Asia countries(e.g. Thai) should not be merged into one country but handle as each independently.

Because Evolved is played on PC and Xbox, enlarging the world map is easier than mobile version, also excessive merging country makes 2 bad things, strange info assessment and easier infecting.
In more detail, Nigeria is more developed than other African countries in real but made poor country because Nigeria is marged West Africa. also, marged countries are infected easily because a plague doesn't need to go across many borders. so there is a strange situation that subdivided regions(e.g. Northwest Africa, North Europe) are infected harder than merged ones(e.g. West Africa, C.Europe).

I think some countries are separated such this as just an idea.
-Colombia => Colombia, Venezuela[rural/hot], Guiana(Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana)[poor/rural/hot/arid]
-Germany and France => separate Netherlands and Belgium and make them 'Benelux'[rich/rural/cold]
-C.Europe => C.Europe, Romania[cold/humid]
-S.E. asia => Vietnam[urban/hot/humid], Cambodia[poor/hot/humid], Laos[poor/urban/hot/humid], Thai[rural/hot/humid], Myanmar[poor/urban/hot/humid]
-China => China, Mongolia[rumid/cold/arid], Taiwan[rich/urban/hot/humid] (Taiwan may be thought to be needless, but a rare country type(hot and rich) would get the country)
-West Africa => Tchad[poor/rural/hot/arid], Nigeria[urban/hot], Mauritania[poor/rural/hot/arid], Mali(with Burkina Faso and Niger)[poor/rural/hot/arid], West Africa(between Senegal and Benin)[poor/rural/hot/arid]
-East Africa => East Africa, Ethiopia(with Eritrea and Djibouti)[poor/rural/hot], Somalia[poor/rural/hot/arid], Kenya[rural/hot/arid]
-South Africa => South Africa[urban/hot/arid], Namibia[rural/hot/arid]

-Russia=>Russia,Kazakhstan,Ukraine,Belarus,Kavkazia states and Baltic states.[cold,rural]

I like the idea of scenarios based in parts of continents, for instance a zoomed in and enlarged Africa that is the entire map with the aim to infect Africa. Each country within the continent is fine tuned to create a unique game experience and any one may be the chosen as starting country. It would basically be the same as the current game but you wouldn't have acess to the entire world. Would make an interesting game mode and would make good use of the zoom function to give the impression of different map experiences.
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