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Suggestions and ideas for difficulty options (+new virus idea)
20-02-2016, 12:21 PM (This post was last modified: 20-02-2016 12:21 PM by [BC]afG513.)
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Biohazard Suggestions and ideas for difficulty options (+new virus idea)
Well, I have some ideas for making game more interesting.

The very first is to create editable difficulty suboptions (mods) like:
- Swiching natural poulation changing dynamics
- Swiching migrations (with population changings)
- Corpses decay and utilization (with divided deaths\corpses counters and proper their changings, especially for zombies - not just infectivity changing)
- Escaping refugees and other panic factors and changings.
- Rural factor (survival becouse living too far from densely populated areas (in relatively isolated areas), especially in countries like Russia which have a significant population density gradient from west to east)
- Global and local economy factors (affects on the budget spending potential)

And so on.

The second is more country actions during daily life aswel as after disease noticed which could affect the spreading even before disease noticing.

Final is just the idea for new virus (bio-mechanical kind). I could create it myself, but Editor is currently have not enough possibilities to make it fully real (and i'm not good in the game balance)

This virus is based on the plot of "Homeworld: Cataclysm" where space bio-mechanical virus infecting everything livig as well as their technologies, subsequently using the bio-technological mass for mutating into the kind of hive mind. It use the "living sells" to form and evolve the mind combined with the technology (making the ships\cars and so on to some kind of living creatures), while the mind of all infected people still intact (with full awareness of what is happening).
So the infected planet finally will looking like this. But of course, humanity can construct something analogous to "biomass repulor" to fight the final biomass spreading. And fortunately for the humanity - they're currently still far from easy plasma-beam generation technologies Smile
Scenario needs at least the counter of infected\non infected, controlled and destroyed "machinery", just like apes on "simian flu" scenario, with biomass generation starting from countries destroyed with other creatures generation. But also it need couters and actions for controlled humans (similar to zombies).
The plot begins similar to original - the infected derelict (alien distress beacon) or meteor falling in the surface of Earth.

P.S. Thanks for you attention an sorry for my bad english Smile
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