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Evolution 18 - Parasite, Fungus and Steam Controller come out to play!
21-04-2016, 05:47 PM
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Plague Inc Evolution 18 - Parasite, Fungus and Steam Controller come out to play!
Even though Plague Inc: Evolved has left Early Access, it continues to evolve and add new, exciting gameplay! With this evolution we have 2 new multiplayer disease types for you - Fungus and Parasite - as well as several new Multiplayer genes. On top of this, we have also added Steam controller support, once again increasing the different ways to play Plague Inc Smile

Here is a summary of the main features:
  • Fungus Multiplayer disease type - As ever, the fungus will find it hard to travel long distances, even by unscheduled flight. However the regular spores will give you a brand new mechanism to help you spread around the globe. This fungus is much happier in humid climates too...
  • Parasite Multiplayer disease type - The Parasite has a parasitic(!) approach to DNA collection, with the ability to harvest DNA from your opponent's corpses. However, your severity will increase as your opponent evolves so it won't be long before humans are out to cure you.
  • Steam Controller Support - We have now added the official Ndemic-designed Steam controller support. Our configuration ensures that you can play Plague Inc: Evolved as happily with the Steam controller as you can with mouse and keyboard!
  • New Multiplayer Genes - 5 new Multiplayer genes will allow you to customise your plague to suit your strategies even more. Think you can find their starting country quickly? Use the "Search and Destroy" gene! Want to mutate Transmissions and Abilities? Use the "Base Hydration" gene! Want more detail about where your opponent is? Use the "Peekaboo" gene! But remember, as ever, all these genes have a downside...

We'll have more updates to come over the next few months. We have more Multiplayer disease types in the pipeline, as well as some single player ones as well. We've also got plans for improvements to the Scenario Creator, as well as an engine upgrade (which will allow us to keep releasing new content in the future). Basically, there's still much more to come from Plague Inc: Evolved, so do keep an eye out Wink

Full Change Log:
New Additions
  • New Multiplayer Disease Types - Fungus and Parasite!
  • 5 brand new genes for use in Multiplayer
  • Steam Controller compatibility added. Works in every game mode!
  • Improvements to the Benign Mimic ability in VS mode - massively increasing its effectiveness if placed in the same country repeatedly and making it easier to get a foothold in a benign mimiced country
  • Leaderboards and statistics tweaks
  • New DLLs added, to resolve the issue where a handful of users were having difficulties launching the game
  • Expanded hit box on smaller islands for ease of selection
  • Minor text and graphical tweaks
  • Z-Com spawn issue fixed
  • Worm Food and Assuming Direct Control achievements should be working correctly now

EDIT: Hotfix - 20th April
  • DLL handshaking improved (this should fix most of the DLL issues that a few people have reported, but they can be caused by a number of things, so please do get in touch if the problem persists!)
  • Fully Evolved achievement fixed.
  • Save bug in Scenario Creator fixed.
  • Steam controller default mapping fixed.

EDIT: Hotfix - 21st April
  • Fix to Benign Mimic
  • Further fix to Fully Evolved achievement

Previous change log can be found here
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12-09-2017, 09:41 AM
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RE: Evolution 18 - Parasite, Fungus and Steam Controller come out to play!
Is there any new updates will come soon? Or you have left this project. Can`t describe my feelings when I first tried your game! But now we all need something totally new!
Hope you`ll read my post and think a little about this Smile
Good luck!
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13-09-2017, 10:35 PM (This post was last modified: 13-09-2017 11:01 PM by vansdoc38.)
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RE: Evolution 18 - Parasite, Fungus and Steam Controller come out to play!
Has Ndemic inc modified PC scenarios to include smartpads such as ipad?
How many smartpad scenarios have been built with PI:Creator?

Will there be an update that will allow (transmissions, symptoms and abilities) to be capable of sharing the same trait?
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