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[Scenario idea] Enslaved by computer game
26-04-2016, 10:22 PM
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Cure [Scenario idea] Enslaved by computer game
It will start in a rich or medium country of player's choice. It cannot start in poor countries. It is somewhat similiar to Neurax worm - but is a program.
The world will begin with a fixed set of computers, poor countries having significantly less computers. I myself would absolutely love that. Also infectivity will be replaced with addictivity(just the way severity is "happiness" in Santa's Worm scenario.) Severity will be something like "Impact" to show how a computer game can impact humanity. Fighting the addiction, people will develop anti addiction drug(aka Cure) to help the addicted. It is extremely effective in wealthy countries, yet very insignificant in poor countries.
Tier 1 - Addiction. Mild increase of addictivity. Not a noticeable symptom.
Tier 2:
Obsession - prolonged hours near computer playing that game, and mental takeover - addicts only think and talk about the game. Takes longer to cure.
PvP - allows player versus player. Significantly increases addictivity.
Radiation - prolonged hours at your PC negatively impact subject's brain and eyes. Harder to cure.
Tier 3:
Power Rankings(unlocked with PvP) - cause subject to play for even longer hours. Increases overall efficiency.
Drowsiness(after Obsession) - lots of mental activity during PvP causes the players to be exhausted. Alot harder to cure.
Blurred Vision(Radiation) - players impair their eyesight. Might be lethal in extreme cases(but lethality is very low, only about 30 people/billion/day die)
Mood Swings(PvP and Obsession) - players get amazing successes and crushing failures in their game. Impacts behavior. Harder to cure.
Tier 4:
Aggression(Power Rankings) - addicted players become aggressive towards other players, parents, and friends. Impact and lethality increased.
Confusion(Drowsiness) - people play at nights and work while tired. Harder to cure, but addictivity decreased a bit.
Despair(Mood Swings) - Crushing defeats make players think about destroying their envirpnment, computers and lessen self preservation instinct.
Contentedness(Mood Swings) - good players win, and give up job to play the game. Cure effort reduced.
Tier 5:
Short sightedness(Blurred Vision) - players severely worsen their vision. Impact and lethality up.
Mania(Contentedness and Aggression) - players try to mimic the in-game scenarios(aka they forge swords, make guns and kill people) in real life. Lethality increased quite a lot. Awful accidents like president assasinations start.
Hypersomnia(Confusion) - players play at nights and sleep at days. Biological day-night cycle gets destroyed, leading to reduced immune response - and serious health problems. Lethality up a bit, impact up alot.
Delirium(Confusion and Blurred vision) - players are sick from playing computer games nonstop for weeks. Even less self preservation instinct leading to unfortunate accidents.
Suicide(Despair) - toxicity in PvP game chat and bad playing causes noob players to hang themselves. Lethality substantially increased.
Tier 6:
Memory Loss(Delirium and Hypersomnia) - acute tiredness causes subject to sometimes forget even about basic functions such as eating and drinking. People may die from dehydration and lack of nutrients and energy. Lethality up. Cure research is almost impossible among the gamers.
Insanity(Mania) - Mimicking is alot more common. General tiredness increases chances of terrible accidents. President assasinations, nuclear power plant blasts, fires become alot more common. Lethality up, impact up alot, cure research lost. All- gamer nations form political factions, disbanding the nations and stopping scientific research.
Blindness(Short Sightedness) - watching streams and playing far too much ultimately destroys eyesight. If Suicide is present, blind gamers hang themselves because they're blind and can't play. General lethality up (Combo - Unplayable, increases lethality)
Tier 7:
Transcendence(Insanity) - Game is literally played in real life. Enslaves humanity and wins a game if all the people transcend. All nations form into factions.
Nuclear war(Insanity, Memory Loss) - people do not care about anything but fun anymore. Gamers launch ICBMs and nukes at other factions just for fun. Massive increase of inter-faction lethality.
Twitch I - gamers stream their plays. Addictivity massively increased.
Twitch II - pro gamers stream more. Even more addictivity, but disease(or addiction) is less lethal
Sharing I - players share PCs with their less wealthy friends. Addictivity increased, especially in poor countries.
Sharing II - players do gaming parties and tournaments. Addictivity substantially increased.
Cheap PCs I - better technology allows far cheaper production of computers. Addictivity up, especially in poor countries.
Cheap PCs II - Mass robotisation allows computers to be almost dirt cheap. Addictivity up, especially in poor countries.
Cosplays I - players organize cosplays. Addictivity increased.
Cosplays II - mass cosplay organization and gaming parties increase addictivity.
Developers - increase mutation chance. Can mutate transmissions and abilities too, but is easier to cure.
Adverts - game is advertised in the internet. Increase addictivity.
Phone affinity I - develops a branch for mobile gaming. Increase addictivity.
Phone affinity II - phones are cheaper.
Console affinity I - develops a branch for gaming consoles. Increases addictivity.
Console affinity II - mass production allows consoles to be cheaper.
Distraction - distracts doctors from developing a cure for a while. Stops research for few weeks.
Destruction - people protest that they dont need drug for gaming addiction curing. Destroys cure.
Dirty play - people do not care about hygiene because they play so much. Increase addictivity.
To sum up, i think that would be a great scenario for Plague Inc mobile Big Grin
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20-05-2016, 02:21 PM
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RE: [Scenario idea] Enslaved by computer game
It is a great idea for plague inc. mobile. What if that plague is actually in real life? What if that game is the game you know and love, Plague inc., itself?
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