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Necroa constantly remutating
02-06-2016, 03:21 PM
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RE: Necroa constantly remutating
Insomnia and Hyper Salivation are "forced mutations" for necroa - it'll mutate those two unless you have researched one of:
insomnia, hyper salivation, cytopathic reanimation or genetic reshuffle 2.

When you say "the cascade will continue even if Hyper Salivation mutates" - that should make it just as likely as any other mutation (but given insomnia's a starter tech it's always possible to mutate it)

Note that de-evolving all those techs will cause it to bias to insomnia again, but if you keep genetic reshuffle 2 active it should be the normal chance of mutation (as per any other disease)
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