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Plague inc scenario creator idea
15-10-2018, 01:45 PM
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RE: Plague inc scenario creator idea
(15-08-2016 07:08 PM)Awesomejosh12345 Wrote:  Hello! I recently posted a question on how to rename apes, because a Nazi zombie scenario used zombies! I found out, It was Necroa virus, I am wondering if in a future update, we can rename apes, and zombies, to things such as ghosts and noobs, as you could to custom win messages, and you could change their text, so instead of zoobreak, meteor, or a big giant fluffy unicorn ate a pizza, or anything Big Grin

If this is added thank you very much, and I'd like it to be added rather soon, because I am VERY impatient.


Hey Eremus007 here, this is something I've been asking for for a long time myself.
Recently the devs replied to me saying that in order to do this (like they did in their board games scenario) you need an excessive amount of programming knowledge.
Along with that they added that if they were to implement this feature, they would like to make very easy to use for everybody. They are currently not trying to implement such a feature to the scenario creator, but they say they made a note on my interest in the feature.
We can both only hope that this wish will one day will come true.
It would be awesome.
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