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Shadow Plague 'bugs' on all platforms
31-12-2016, 09:17 AM
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Bug Shadow Plague 'bugs' on all platforms
Ever since mutation 13 released the shadow plague expansion I have been playing it almost nonstop, however I have noticed a few interesting bugs.

The first is that if you select the cheat that fully infects your starting country, you can have the plague part spreading without even evolving shadow blessing, causes all sorts of exploits with the cure.

The second I have found so far (not really a problem, but probably not intended) is only possible with the unlimited DNA cheat enabled. What happens is due to having infinite DNA you can make 'infinite' lairs (limited by 1 per country max.) This becomes a problem once you reach your 14th lair or so, the 13th lair will cost around 16k DNA, and for some reason the next one (14th) will cost "-32k" approx. so the help menu displays it as costing "--32000" which ends up with you receiving 32k DNA rather than it being subtracted. This happens on and off after the 14th lair, and eventually seems to get stuck at costing a -3 DNA, essentially giving you 3 DNA for each new lair you make. This generally wouldn't be a problem, as it only happens on unlimited DNA mode, but as I continued to make more and more lairs, the game got quite slow and stuttered a significant amount, eventually ending in a full crash. I will attempt to post screenshots below, however they may have to be in multiple posts due to the limitations of mobile.
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