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Alien "Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15" Plague
13-06-2017, 05:01 PM (This post was last modified: 13-06-2017 06:06 PM by Paul Kenn38b.)
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Plague Inc Alien "Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15" Plague
With the release of Alien Covenant and a third in the works, could you do a plague where you work with / get permission from, the producers (like you have with Planet of the Apes)?

Using a mixture of previously used functions and abilites renamed to make a yet more difficult Necroa / Planet of the Apes / Shadow plague type mission.

You could have the Black Goo (Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15) escape the Weyland Yutani lab (in the starting location), it can spread via Air born (1,2,3) / Mutate into Insects (1,2,3) & Fugus Spore pods (like spore burst - Fungus Virus, but in the transmission tab not abilites as there are going to be alot of them and very few infection methods), every infection is deadly (sweating, coughing, weakness and finally chest bursting, all unlocked at the start and unable to devolve - making it highly noticable) and doesn't spread via contagion - no red lines from boats / planes (like it does in the movie and making infection difficult) killing people and spawning Xenomorph's (like the creates zombies upon death syptom but with 100% success rate, also unlocked at the start) the Xenomorph's can be grouped up into "Hives" (like the Apes do) and continue to attack and kill the populance while the USCM - United States Colonial Marine Corps bases appear, military drones attack them and have Weyland Yutani labs spring up trying to cure the Black Goo Virus) and the Xenomorph's attack these buildings and move nests / conceal them better (Then Stealth Hunter) - "sewer hiding" (just like the Apes can) and attack the population (like blood rage), while getting stronger; from Deacon, to Xenomorph XX121, to Acid blood (like the Apes strength increases)... until a Queen is spawned from a random victim (like spawning a new Vampire in the Shadow Plague) and the cure / immunity is no longer relevant (the cure will still be worked on until the Black goo stops being able to infect people on its own, populance already infected will still die as the virus in lethal and fast), But now the Queen can move about (like tthe Therianthropy ability) birthing "Facehugger Nests" (like the Build Lair active ability of the Vampire) or Hiding on a bottom of a plane (like Shadow portal) as it spawns nests (at some point the only way to spread infection) that country contract more host victims these move about (Via Boats and Planes - red trails, and Trojan Planes) speading Xenomorph numbers ONLY - to create more hives, and the facehuggers themselves can be moved across nearby closed boarders to each nest (like the Zombie Hoard active ability) to spead infection, so alot of "Nests" will be needed to cover the globe, these continue to spawn more Xenomorph's and thus more Hives, and the Xenomorph's keep attacking the population (or destroy distant populations from nests) and the USCM / Weyland Yutani buildings until humanity is destroyed or until the USCM destroys all Nests, Hives and the Queen.
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