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New Plague generalities
13-11-2017, 06:00 PM (This post was last modified: 13-11-2017 07:51 PM by orcquef60.)
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New Plague generalities
Well, I've decided to run two parallel threads for the benefit of those playing [ My name is "Dispair" ].

On this thread I will be sharing my thoughts on why I decided to build a scenario like this one, and some thoughts about what's happening in the real world that I believe this game represents.

I guess you could call this my "Plague blog". So, whenever I have thoughts about how to win a game based on my own play, I'll share this with all of you. And I would hope that you can and will do the same.
I know that since this scenario has some really sensitive concepts, politically, ecologically and otherwise; I want to make sure that this is still viewed as a game not a social profile.

It's my hope that if nothing else, how and why I designed the game will encourage others to try out some of my own ideas.

Ok, onward and forward: Let's start with why I chose to use the "Prion" as the Desease type rather than any of the other types.
The Plague inc's description is as follows: "A Prion is a slow, subtle and complex pathogen in the brain - it is much harder to notice and cure. Disease takes longer to react to new evolutions".

You might consider this scenario a study of the pathology of social disease.
I like how the dictionary expresses the term Pathology--"the abnormality of structure and function characteristic of a disease".

I have noticed that social behavior particularly of that surrounding political and ecological opinion resembles that of a Prion. Read the description and think about it again. So, since I had wanted to build a scenario with these thoughts in mind, what better disease option could I have chosen right? :-)

Well, that's it for the time being. Keep following on the other thread, and let me know how successful you've been with my plague by posting on that one. This thread is open to comments as well. Please feel free to PM me or email me. I'd like to start a community blog using this plague as the kickstarter :-)
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13-11-2017, 08:29 PM (This post was last modified: 13-11-2017 08:30 PM by vansdoc38.)
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RE: New Plague generalities
How might we benift from this plague?
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14-11-2017, 12:11 AM (This post was last modified: 14-11-2017 06:15 PM by orcquef60.)
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RE: New Plague generalities
When a society communicates, it transmits ideals. Such ideals may be in the form of the types of governments that that society feels can guide it.
So, while considering how this might be transmitted, I focused on two elements--civil unrest and government suppression and oppression.
The whole scenario was built around this sequence:
(Transmissions & Abilities)

( 00): Generate a charismatic front to gain trust and support from disgruntled population
( 01): Groom prejudice and fear among population supporters
( 02): Use mass media as a vehicle to antagonize groomed supporters
( 03): Create apponents to further bolster disgruntled population's prejudice and fear
( 04): Justify actions as necessary for the general population's safety
( 05): Use actions to pressure apponents using general population's support
( 06): Use mass media to further groom prejudice and fear, and promote needed action
( 07): The resulting action achieves the desired control using the public's support
( 08): Opponents are removed with the population's encouragement
( 09): Mass media becomes the tool to controlling the approving population
( 10): Any population that is cautious and questions motives are cited as being radical
( 11): General population demands removal of radicals from society
( 12): Mass media is used to accelerate prejudice and fear
( 13): Recomending incarceration assures general population that this is the only solution for radicalization.
( 14): The general population supports the solution pertaining to dissenting population
( 15): General population unknowingly becomes willing tools supporting anything that is asked of them

As you can see, the dynamics of a society can be moved in any direction by applying the above sequence.
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25-11-2017, 10:39 PM
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RE: New Plague generalities
Hi there all who have been following my threads :-)
I haven't posted on this thread for awhile, so I thought I'd spend some time here.
For those of you who have been playing this scenario, you should be reasonably familiar with all of the traits from each tree in Transmissions, Symptoms and Abilities.
A great deal of forethought went into how to represent all of the traits. I realized that the only practical approach would be via the use of photographic icons.
It's at this point that I have to thank over and over again the assistance that I got from Ndemic creations as I was going through the design process.
I had no idea how involved this would become! In the back of my mind I knew the direction that I wanted to go with this scenario; but for those of you who have created your own scenarios, you know how intense the process can be. For instance: Let's take the
"Civil Unrest" tree. I knew that I wanted the tree to end with internment camps. The question was--using photos, how did I want to represent the downward spiral from peaceful rallies to police intervention to internment camps The approach that I used was using key words or phrases with Google.
For each type of trait representation, I had to go through large numbers of images, copy those to my album and use the ones that gave the scenario a professional appearance. Out of several hundred photos collected for Transmissions, Symptoms and Abilities; the ones that ended up being used I feel best represented my scenario.
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05-12-2017, 01:12 AM
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RE: New Plague generalities
Even though this scenario was designed purely as a Plague; as the tv news is developing, I wouldn't have realized how relevant it has become Undecided
While some law enforcement elements may or may not be occurring (such as internment camps), the sequence leading from civil unrest to (yes) physical abuse to prison is becoming a regular thing throughout many nations (even the US)! What's next--my scenario's sequences?
Hmmm Undecided
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