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My life as a worm
14-02-2018, 05:59 AM (This post was last modified: 20-02-2018 05:27 AM by orcquef60.)
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My life as a worm
I’m pleased to announce that I’ve created a new scenario.
This scenario has been published as a custom scenario.
unlike any of my other ones, almost all of the trait icons in this scenario have been drawn from “Plague inc’s” trait icons.
This scenario also differs in several other ways too.
Traits are capable of jumping between
[Transmissions + Symptoms +Abilities].
As an example: This allows linking an “ability” to a “transmission” similar to the (mad cow disease) where, by choosing the “Plant Dissemination” trait in abilities resulted in a complete vegetable tree in transmissions.
The results in the scenario “My life as a worm” has been created around this system. However, unlike (Mad Cow Disease), it also links “symptoms”
to the other two.
Play it and enjoy! And if you like, give it a thumbs up and simply say you liked it.

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20-02-2018, 04:15 AM (This post was last modified: 20-02-2018 05:39 AM by orcquef60.)
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RE: My life as a worm
Welcome to my extended family!
I thought that you might like to meet them!
We have quite a family history that extends back millions of years.
Just to show you my cousins, I’ve listed them below along with where they like to reside.

[ Oh- by the way- The creator of this lifecycle scenario and our “Alpha” worm, wants you to know that while the scientists are feverishly trying to fight against us, you might succeed in stopping all their efforts so that our cycle-of-life can continue.

There are five types of parasitic worms that commonly cause infections in mammals and birds:

Through transmitting agents such as mosquitoes, fleas and flies.
In the air we breathe.
Pets and farm animals are often carriers of parasites.
From contaminated food.
Badly cooked or uncooked foods such as beef, pork, poultry and fish.
Some fruit and vegetables can also contain parasites.
Poor water supplies and poor sanitation can transmit parasites.
In areas where sanitation or sewer systems are lacking or badly maintained, parasites and worms can quickly multiply.
Parasites can commonly be found in mud pools, stagnant ponds, streams, rivers and other small or large pools of water that has remained there for a while.
Bad hygiene in toilets and other public places can also be the cause.

The above narrative is the the one that I used to introduce
(with modifications) the initial scenario. However, the one used with this update “My life as a Worm-2” has been structured somewhat differently than the initial one.
There is now a critical “tree” that requires a link in “Ability” effecting “transmissions”. The trigger is unavailable, unless certain cretara is met.
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22-02-2018, 11:00 PM
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RE: My life as a worm

I have just downloaded a custom scenario, expanding on the previous version ( My Life as a Worm-2 ). This version now has a new trait that allows you to increase your dna points ( this is very much different than “Genetic Reshuffule” ). also, there is several modifications to some traits trees.
Be aware that this has been developed so that there is a win when all of the countries are infected but not killed off.
Be aware too, that I am about to download this scenario as one that requires killing off all countries next. This version is:
( My Life as a Worm-2.1.1 ).
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