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New Diesease!
21-02-2018, 11:18 PM
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Plague Inc New Diesease!
Here is my new diesease:

(Needs name)

You are an artifical virus, that its DNA gets more stable over time.

Effects of DNA stability:
There will be a bar (sort of like cure bar) that will tell you how stable your virus`s DNA is. Once the bar is at max you will not be able to evolve/devolve any traits(includes traits that have mutated). As the bar increases in percentage, you will find it harder to evolve/devolve any traits(it will cost more DNA points and/or you will get less DNA from poping bubbles).

Infectivity: average
Severity: average
leathality: average

Unique abilities:
Gene isolation(1,2)

Slows the bar down

Gene fracture (1,2)

DNA will fracture, will take more time for DNA to become fully stable again.

Mutator (1,2)

Will make DNA less stable, making DNA more prone to mutations (also, will take bar down, but not as much as gene fracture)

X-treme mutant (needs all three of above abilities to be unlockable)
You will be able to modify DNA with ease (You will recieve the same amt of DNA you would normaly recieve from DNA bubles/Cure bubbles and it will not cost as much to evolve Traits)
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01-03-2018, 12:34 PM
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RE: New Diesease!
Interesting idea! I'm not sure it would be possible in the current version of the game, but it's always cool to see people come up with things like this!
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