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NEW Official Scenario: Overpopulation
14-03-2018, 10:03 PM (This post was last modified: 14-03-2018 10:07 PM by chir0pt3a1.)
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Plague Inc NEW Official Scenario: Overpopulation
Hey everyone and especially hey Devs.

I used to play Plague Inc. on my old Ipod Touch but got bored after a while. A few days back I saw some youtube Videos of the Desktop game which i am now considering to buy. After watching some official scenario videos I continued watching some custom scenarios. There was one (or rather a ton) called Overpopulation, where users would just extremely increase the population size. Now if I already had the game (which will probably the case within the next few days) and knew how to make custom scenrios I would do it myself, but until then here the idea: Basically you have the same starting point as the custom scenario I saw being a normal World with a massively expanded population. What I would love to see is a scenario where you not only have to infect and just kill the world but where you are "a scientest trying to save the world, without the world knowing"(just so that there will be the search for a cure to make it more interesting) but you don't just want to kill the world. You want to infect the entire world and only kill a part. To acchieve this a purchaseable Upgrad (for perhaps 40 DNA points) would be a Killswitch so you can stop the Virus. To make this scenario even more interesting you wouldn't be allowed to kill an entire country (or the entire world). So basically you have to infect the entire world, then start investing in lethality and use the Killswitch to prevent all of the worlds population from dying. You would lose if you get cured, an entire country dies before you engage the Killswitch. You win if you reduce the population to or below a certain amount, perhaps 40%. Alternatively you could also add a range of population for a goal. This would mean you set the task to reduce the population to a set percentage (perhaps between 20 and 30% of starting population) making the timing even more crucial than saying just anything below 40%.

Once again, I havent played this game in quite a while and will only start within the next few weeks when I have more free time. I appologize if this is already a thing, but watching the video I got this idea and just had to share it so I even registered to this forum. I would be very glad about all sorts of feedback, especially if it makes this idea more fun to play.

Yours sincerely and hoping to be able to see this as an official scenario once I get the game,
chir0pter / Chris

P.S.: If you find grammar or spelling mistakes, you are free to keep them. Angel
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15-03-2018, 01:03 PM
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RE: NEW Official Scenario: Overpopulation
Thanks for the idea - we always love hearing from players and we really appreciate you putting so much thought into the game. That sounds like an interesting scenario, but I'm not sure it would be possible within the game currently - the "kill switch" mechanic, for instance, might be difficult to implement while the game recognizes the Plague being wiped out as a lose state.

Keep an eye out in the future as we have some incredibly cool stuff planned! Smile
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15-03-2018, 03:40 PM
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Thumbs Up RE: NEW Official Scenario: Overpopulation
First of all thanks for the reply.
Shouldn't it be possible to recode the win conditions? I have a little programming experience and can't really see the problem... But I'll keep watching for future changes making this possible Smile
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