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Feature Suggestion
20-03-2014, 01:51 AM
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Feature Suggestion
At the beginning of the game you are given options to add
handicaps, such as ability to spread in urban areas, or arid, humid areas. etc.

I was wondering if you've thought of having the ability to change
those handicaps mid-game. It might make things a little too easy,
however you could compensate with a higher cost. Changing
these abilities could be done on the first tab page which doesn't
have much going on with it anyways.

Also, its not a deal-breaker, but im not a huge fan of the breaking
glass sounds for the cures. perhaps thats just me though.

I sent some feedback the other day about having the ability to
unleash "multiple" viruses at once, and could have different colors
indicating the different viruses spreading. This feature would unleash
lots of potential, as you could maybe turn this into a multiplayer
feature where players germs would have to compete for infections/kills.

as well as opening the door to interesting scenarios where maybe the
CPU has control of one germ.

perhaps its been suggested already, you have Trojan Planes.
How about Trojan Boats?

I noticed with the trojan planes, they are able to land in countries
that their transits are blocked. If there was ever an unscheduled
landing, you would think that it would be screened for infection,
or worst case scenario (with most the world deceased) maybe
even shot down. Maybe over-thinking this one, but you could put
a probability that the Trojan plane was detected and cleared.
or if world is in chaos and paranoia is high, could make the plane

Sometimes it can almost be "too easy" to infect, so maybe give
the world a fighting chance with a few random scenarios. You could
allow for individual countrys/provinces to find a cure, but be unwilling
to share. Letting a few countries return to 0 infected.

one thing i would really like to see change is that.. if you give the
germ some symptoms, they panic and start a cure. However if you
drop those symptoms, maybe im wrong but it doesnt seem like the
panic level drops, and they continue at the same rate to find a cure.
I think you should have the ability to decrease the panic level back
to thinking there is no threat.
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