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Digital Virus Ideas
26-03-2014, 07:21 AM
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Lightbulb Digital Virus Ideas
Well I've heard about the digital virus. So I have some ideas to tell you!

Scary Pop-Ups: The virus uses scary photos from the internet and adds loud sounds that can make you deaf. Severe.

Computer Explosion: Virus can over-heat the computer causing it to explode. Can be Lethal.

Internet Destruction: Virus destroys the internet connection and destroys every single page. Can be Lethal.

DSOLRO: Virus can make bright colors in the background causing seizures. Can be fatal.


Government gives poor countries computers to use.

Two endings. The first one is when you kill all the humans that are using infected computers. And the second is when you destroy all electronic things in the world including planes, boats, computers, etc.
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