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07-04-2014, 05:47 PM
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(07-04-2014 05:37 PM)Veral42 Wrote:  
(06-04-2014 09:52 PM)Hollow Wrote:  
(02-04-2014 11:19 AM)NdemicMarc Wrote:  
(31-03-2014 08:57 AM)Death Stalker Wrote:  Could you please replace the old Plague Inc. Necroa Virus song with this?:

Thank you.

No plans to change the in-game music at the moment I'm afraid Tongue

But the official soundtrack will be along very shortly, and will include all the music from both the mobile and PC games.

Will this mean a free download for those who play Early Access? Angel


It should. We all payed $15 already and they should be happy about that. The game is, in all sense of the word, identical to the Pandemic games online that can be played for FREE. With how little changes have actually been put into the game (or announced to-be-released) it would at least make having paid for the game in the first place not feel like a total ripoff. Just because something is "Early Access" doesn't mean that developers should charge full price for a lack-luster product that doesn't even reach 50% of the play time as other games of a similar price. It's "fun", sure, but nothing anywhere near being worth the money spent on it.

A: pandemic's game is hardly free, sure DL it free but a lot of the game content is purchase only, unlike plague, which offers you the same content but unlockable, only selling primium features like zombies or situations.

B: Plague has been evolving, more then most mobile games you see, I paid the 15 bucks just to get access to whatever they may release in the future, not because I wanted the situations. Which added PLENTY of game-time to this already beloved game.

You can't argue with results, Plague is easily the best rated of it's time, popular and well worth the DOLLAR to play. Don't bring that pandemic shit up here...did you know it's a twenty dollar purchase for all the diseases in that game? 15 more for the cheats if memory serves correctly....
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