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Mongolia is NOT Part of China!!!
11-03-2014, 09:54 PM
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RE: Mongolia is NOT Part of China!!!
(11-03-2014 08:56 PM)Hollow Wrote:  
(11-03-2014 04:02 PM)PAX-12 Wrote:  Well,
if the country is accessible/observable from the max. zoomed-out perspective, I'd say add it. If it would be necessary to zoom in to observe/manage it - forget about it.

It really is not a big deal after all, I'd hope...

If you can click Caribbean, New Zealand, Phillipines, New-Guinea and Korea, the most well-hidden country on the map, you can click the Netherlands, it's a coast country aswell, can't miss it.

Unlike these countries which are perfectly clickable when zoomed out fully, it is not the size of Andorra.

Like I said earlier: If clickable, make it happen. If not, let it be...

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