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:idea: Interactive Events
18-04-2014, 12:52 PM (This post was last modified: 26-04-2014 06:30 AM by skyNE487.)
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Lightbulb :idea: Interactive Events
Events are cool and add a nice touch, I think it would me more great if there were some with a two or three way choice which affects your game to a degree.
By this I mean:
Event happens. Player can choose A, B or C. A gives you a symptom; B gives you genes; C affects your disease negatively, etc. The positive or negative effects can be anything remotely related to the event's wording.
"Chains" of events can be made as well, by one of the choices triggering a timer until next event in the chain happens. Spice up the pop-up windows with nice pictures to gather interest, heck, even the pictures could change in relation to the player's choice to add even more fluff.
These could be totally random, or tied to sets of starting locations/climates/etc.; and relatively scarce (one or none in a single playthrough).
Or even better yet; each of the disease types may have their separate events/chains, which may start when certain criteria are met (like the symptom combos - difference is that these are interactive). Take it as a "quest".

Now that my brain farted by producing it's one idea/random amount of time, I need help from the community to come up with events/branching chains of events, and any input about the idea in general.

The only one clich├ęd 'screenplay' of mine:

A lab accident happens involving some monkeys in the riff-raff.
[A] monkey escapes in the wild - one infected in one neighbouring uninfected country, if none available either start a "chain", or give a measly bonus of temporary infection rate increase.
[B] monkey bites lab assistant - government shuts down the facility hindering research.
[C] monkey smashes lab equipment - gain a random symptom IF disease transmits by blood, ELSE nothing happens, monkey gets shot.

To be honest I scrolled through the forums, judging mostly by titles, read some threads too and haven't met with this, if someone proposed anything similar, my apologies.

Done some thorough reading, so I'm also posting this under the 'Suggestions' thread, my apologies for spreading like the flu (pun).
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