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*OFFTOPIC* How are you?
12-03-2014, 01:57 AM
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RE: *OFFTOPIC* How are you?
Hi I'm pretty good thank.

I quite like to play things like Skyrim, Dragon Age, Dayz, FTL, UT3 and stuff like that.
Been playing skyrim cus its been a while and got the extensions. So disappointed with dawnguard and very annoyed hearthfire crashed my game when entering a certain house..

I've been a PC gamer for about 6 years. Started with UT3 moved onto to warcraft during the end of cata and pushed through mist until Siege came out and a lot of things just went bad. after that it was just going back to games I had for my xbox.

I've always loved modding but usually its just texture stuff, can never get blender to work. ever. I really enjoy RPing, DnD ect.
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