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Feature Request
23-06-2014, 02:56 AM
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RE: Feature Request
Here are a few suggestions to make the game better:

- Closed-Border Infections
Create a slight chance that a disease might infect those pass a closed border in a neighboring country. The chance increases with:
- Number of Infected in Neighboring Countries
- Number of Neighboring Countries in Anarchy
- Amount of Infected Borders around the Closed-Border Country
- Air Transmission Upgrades
- Water Transmission Upgrades (If Closed-Border Country has Water Border)
- Insect/Rodent/Bird Transmission Upgrades

I think that this is necessary since it seems highly unrealistic when Botswana has no infected and 14 dead with a closed-border while all of its neighboring countries are in anarchy.

- More Real-Life Virus Scenarios
The educational and realistic scenarios are excellent. Here are some ideas for a few more:
HIV, Hepatitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Ebola Virus, Poliomyelitis, Measles, and Cestoda; to suggest a few.

I personally loved the real-life disease scenarios and hope to see more. They are just so much more interesting than the ones about tweaking the Earth with switched climates, pirates, etc. to me.

- More Symptoms in Main Game
More symptoms in general would be appreciated.
In the Scenarios, there are often extra symptoms - such as Fatigue, Myocarditis, and Pharyngitis. Adding these to the main game through an extra symptom page or wider chain would make the game more interesting.

- Neurax Worm Can Open Airports
Neurax Worms with the symptom "Obsession" can Open Ports and Borders in Fully-Infected Countries using an Ability.
Often when I am using the Neurax Worm, countries will close borders, dock, and airports. The closed airports are very annoying as I lose my Trojan Plane ability in that country. A country that is fully-infected (meaning that no healthy people to fight the worm's power) should be able to use DNA points to open ports, if the symptom "Obsession" - where worms can influence people to do their tasks.
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