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Feature Request
25-06-2014, 01:54 PM
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RE: Feature Request
Hello. What I would like is to have some options to add more countries as lots of them are grouped.
Also, having a background in virus/bacteria research, my wife suggested that the cure process should be more realistic because as you can see currently in the world, it doesn't suffice to have a cure to deploy it to all countries. Some countries will only have the cure a long time after it will be developped. This way we would have a little more time to try to prevent cure research in the game.

And something that could add fun and realism is that mutations doesn't occur to all already infected people at once, but on a specific spot. This way you'll have really different strains of the virus. Some non lethal that may have spread everywhere, and some lethal that the player would choose where they will appear if added with dna points or randomly if the virus mutated on it's own. This could balance the longer time needed to developp a cure, because if you have to infect humanity 2 or 3 times to eradicate it, you have to choose more wisely where to mutate it relatively to the places the cure is being researched.

But by the way, the game is great Smile Good job!
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