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Feature Request
28-06-2014, 02:21 AM (This post was last modified: 28-06-2014 02:27 AM by GonDragon.)
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RE: Feature Request
Hi! I'm GonDragon, and I'm from Argentina, I don't speak english so well, so I apologize from the beginning for my grammar faults.

I was thinking in the Transmission Ability "Extreme Zoonosis". I used to pick this transmission way, because of the "Non human transmissions", to infect islands like Madagascar at the end... The problem is that, sometimes the "Non human transmissions" take too long, so i kill all the humans before i can infect that last island... And, sometimes, happen instantly, so the country infected by the "Non human transmissions" isn't very helpfully, and then I loose because that event didn't happen again...

Mi suggestion is that make the "Non Human Transmission" an active ability, instead of a random event... Like the "Horde" from the Necroa Virus. This might sound a little OP, but if the ability, instead of waste DNA to activate (Like "Horde"), was an ability of single use... or have a long cooldown, like 100 days...

This is my suggestion... Is not only related to make easier the job of infect the last country... is more about put "Active abilitis", like "Horde", in the normal diseases, to make tha game funnier.

Thanks for your time... And sorry again for my bad english Tongue

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