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Feature Request
23-07-2014, 09:42 PM
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RE: Feature Request
For certain types of transmissions there should be additional infection carriage bonuses and chances; Rats and insects travel by boat and plane too, though they are not exactly wanted there. Some birds have over water migration routes, for example the common ringed plover and northern wheatear, which breed in Greenland and northern Canada but which migrate to Europe and Africa. So it should be possible to still infect the various islands and such even with closed ports.

Also, once a country's society begins to crash you will have desperate people seeking any method to get out, believing they may not be infected; The US has the most powerful Navy and Coast Guard in the world and we can't stop waterborn drug smugglers and the occasional group of Cuban refugees from getting across the gap to the continent.

Finally, some countries simply don't have the resources to maintain their populations without trade. Japan and the Philippines don't produce enough food to feed their people. Neither I think does Great Britain.

That would make the standard 'wait and infect and hide' strategy less universal.

Another idea for possible scenarios would be indirect attacks against the population; Wheat, corn, rice and potatoes are the most important food crops in the world. Some kind of blight or parasite that affected them could if not wipe out humanity at least bring it to full blown world war due to competition for remaining food resources.
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