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Sanguine Plague (Helloween DLC)
07-06-2014, 06:07 PM (This post was last modified: 09-09-2014 10:30 AM by tau1996.)
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Sanguine Plague (Helloween DLC)
Its my third special plague(not counting the frozen virus conversion).I hope you like it.
After excavations in Serbia,an ancient pathogen was released...Patient zero escaped the morgue...Its up to you,player,to recreate on of the most feared plagues in history...
In mediaval times,villages were aborted,just because of them.Houses were put to the torch.Cemeteries were destroyed to kill them... They are back,and they are called...vampires!

Music by Abetus

Picture by Abetus [Image: 2GgFKlK2R8I.jpg]

The pathogen is a strange colonial organism,that feeds on hemoglobine of human blood...The pathogene is easily killed by the UV-light and high temperature(fire for example).Silver is not deadly,but it is a powerfull ingibitor.

The disease starts in Serbia

Tier 1-Blood-already purchased
Tier 2-Vampiric Bats-the Bats are reconstructed to spread the disease.
Tier 1(unlocks next tire)
Tier 2(unlocks next tire)
Hyper Sensitivity
Tier 3(unlocks next tire)
Low pressure
Tier 4 (unlocks next tire)
Photophobia-teaches to fear the light
Tier 5
Drowsiness(unlocks next tire)
The infected starts to seek for dark places to sleep
Tier 6
The pathogen actively feasts on the blood,that results in severe anaemia
Tier 7
The infected falls into coma,that ends in "clinical death".
The coma is so deep,that he is thought dead and burried
Tier 8
Reconstruction-the "dead" person is eaten by the organism,that uses the person as a carcass for the colony.
Tier 9
Brain activity-the reconstructed brain starts functioning.The corpse is not an underground colony any more.It is a brain,that controlls a colonial body.Faster spreading.
Tier 10(upgrading a mindless creature to become a vampire)
Thirst-the colony sends sygnals to the brain,telling that the body needs new type of food-blood.
Higher strength-the brain uses the colony to make the musulature more powerfull
Fangs-the brain commands the colony to rebuild the fangs,to get the blood easier.
Internal organ atrophy-most internal organs atrophy,to become blood vessels
Higher sensitivity-the creature becomes very sensitive
Carcass reconstruction-the bodie becomes more durable
Regeneration-the brain,the colony,the body are fully syncronised.Now the colony knows the topology of the bode,and acts as a repair mechanism.The colony uses only the carcass for a "buliding platform",so no "cancerous grouth" appear
Tier 11
Higher brain activity-the brain is fully functional.Now the creature can think and memorise,act and remember.It becomes a vampire.Faster spreading.
Tier 12
Pheromone seduction-the vampire produses feromones to seduce its victims.
Zoonoze syncronisation-the vampire colonie becomes able to command the inferior bat colonies.The vampire commands bats.
Tier 13
Coming soon
Vampire raids1,2,3,4,5-requires vampires.Analogue to zombie raids.With each tire the vampires become more sociable,gathering into larger groops.
Bat raids 1,2,3,4,5-require the bat-controlling symptom.Hordes of bats attack territories.Analogue of the Trojan Plane.

The Z-com analogue,that fights the vamps is called IAHO-International Anti Hematophages Organisation
there is a second organisation,that cooperates with the first.It is a religious cult called the Inquisition
The IAHO is specialised on the disease spread inhibition and the release of the cure (that doesnt work on vamps,but works on infected) and the Inquisition is specialised on eliminating vampires(the IAHO does it too,but less effective).The Inquisition does not reasearch a cure.
Like the zombies,vampires die.They take casualties each day,thanks to sunburns.

There are 5 genes specially for this disease
1)UV shield-vampires are less sensitive to daylight
2)Bloodthirst-the vampires are more aggressive
3)Seducer-the vampires are much more seductive
4)Bat-swarm-the bats gather in higher quantities
5)Coven-the vamps gather in higher quantities for raids

The plagues picture shows a human head X-ray,like Necroa.Than the brain changes colour to white,the lower jaw becomes a bit deformed,the fangs become highly pronounced,the eyes become reddish,the throat becomes less complex,as most organs,including the "breath tract" atrophy.

There is second type of win,like the Neurax or the Pitho.The first win condition is to make all humans vamps.The second is to make all humans vampire slaves...So.there are two strategies: a brutal killer and a sophisticated vampire-seducer.

Update 2.0
1.Vampire lair-a stationary structure.Increases vampire effectivness in the region.
2.Vampire fans-tap and drag them into infected territory to feed the vampires
3.Blood bank-attack it using the vampire horde to gain more ''DNA/blood'' points
4.Vampire hunters-they kill vampires.Kill the hunters.
5.Sun-ray machine-more powerfull than the hunters.

Stoker-build a vampire lair in Europe
Twilight-research feromone seduction
Age of Darkness-win the game.
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