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12-08-2014, 07:32 PM
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(08-06-2014 11:59 AM)PlagueBreeder Wrote:  This is very embarrassing but, I need help with beating the game with the parasite on normalSad. So if there's any Parasite experts out there please give some adviceSmile. (Yes I am a huge N00B I know that.)

I am new to this game too, having only played for a week or so. I find that the best strategy is not to wait till everyone is infected before unleashing your symptoms because if you do they will find a cure before you can wipe everyone out. Just make sure that the deaths don't go past the the number being infected or you will kill the host and the game ends that way. That has happened to me a number or times mostly because there seems to be one pesky "island" country that I can't reach.

Plus if you start killing right away, that is less countries who can develop the cure. Some of the symptoms also help the spread of your disease as well as disrupt the ones trying to develop a cure (drive them crazy or given them the runs, lol).

Even if you are discovered you can still slow down the progress if you infect and kill fast enough.

Man, I love this game.
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