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New Plague Inc. disease announced
21-07-2014, 02:02 AM
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RE: New Plague Inc. disease announced
It's been a fun scenario... but I find myself frustrated by winning before killing all the humans, after every other disease requires a 100% kill rate for success. I'd like to see a 100% human kill rate possible with Simian Flu, and would also like some middle ground between a 100% kill rate and losing in the standard plagues. After all, I'd count reducing the global human population to less than a million as a raging success, especially if human sterility becomes part of the plague equation, and part of me would argue that it's a necessary hardship if our species is to avoid the total self-destruction demanded in the standard game.

Another thing that comes to mind on this note, relating to the standard game as well, is that death of all infected humans should not halt the plague if one's plague has the Extreme Bioaerosol, Extreme Hematophagy, Extreme Zoonosis, or similar abilities, because the disease has entered the planet's biosphere. Only a successful cure (or extinction) should be able to stop the disease at this point.
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