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Overtime the Game
04-07-2014, 01:52 PM
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Overtime the Game
So reading articles such as this one:

Made me think of what I would like to see next in the Plague Inc game. So here's a suggestion and my apologies if something similar was already said, I new and try to search and read as much as I could before submitting to my eagerness to share.

Basically when the cure is developed it would be nice if the game would not end this quick. As seen in the article, some disease can still live for years and start to resist some medication. So some of the ideas would be (granted some may not work all together but hey idea are free and can sprang new one):

- Add a game mode where the deployment of the cure takes a long time as it would probably be in real life.
- Adjust other gameplay mechanic, if needed, such as spreading could be slowed to ensure the cure is found more often.
- Adjust disease killing rate down as this would be a longer game mode with different strategy involved after cure is design, if everyone is dead the disease has no host to spread. The goal is still to kill everyone, but against the challenge of cure(s).
- Once the cure is found, deployment can be hampere rarely by natural event but more frequently with perhaps points we can spend.
- How fast the cure spread should also be contingent on the country re-opening port,airport and therefore risking 're-infection'.
- In that mode, plane/boat carrying disease should increase infection in the receiving country by a bit each time they receive an infected transport. (i.e, Canada has 100 infected, for each plane or boat that land they get an extra 10 infected)
- Have power that allow the disease to create some resistance to the developed cure, forcing a cure improvement to be made. (The improved should be faster to come by but still allow for a balance of re-spreading onto country that were cured).
- This mode would have player rethink devolving spreading mechanic as it would be required to fight the cure.
- The cure could also have some bonus such as being more efficient in cold or hot country, or reduce or stop spreading by birds or bats.
- Have a cure type, such as pills, injection, liquid, spray etc. Depending on the developed type the disease stay strong/weak on related spreading mechanic. Pills vs rich country, spray vs air spreading, liquid vs water spread, injection vs poor, etc.
- Perhaps cure should start in country that are no infected but risk infection via distribution or bringing test sample. (at least more often and help against the oops this island closed all border and will never get infected).
- If we go with the forcing of re-opening borders for cure to go in/out of country then this should probably be the cure means of distribution as well.
- Of course isolated country that are not infected could decline work on cure so not to have to re-open borders. Perhaps there could be some way to allow infection there after a while or have the country suffer a different fate given they are not trading anything at all.

In essence a mode of play that kill and spread a bit slower which less chance to beat a cure, but then have tools and mechanic to fight the cure and re-spread for a while instead of being game over.
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