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Where to start the game?
04-03-2015, 08:10 PM
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Lightbulb Where to start the game?
Note: this is only my opinion based on games I've played and games others played and I've watched them while playing and not based on calculations etc.

Good starting countries have ports, airports (commonly used) or good neighbours for infecting the world. The starting country can tell about the entire game much: which islands, countries you infect last; cold/heat resistances do you need to evolve etc.
I think, that the best starting country is Saudi Arabia (islands you get at the beginning: Iceland, New Zealand, Madagascar, last: Greenland)
Other good starting countries are:
China (last: Carribean, you have to evolve both cold and heat res. to resist, almost 1,5 billion people)
Russia( you need heat II to resist ag. Hot cl.)
Kazachstan (Russia+China)
South Africa
Less good, but still good:
C. America
New Zealand

If you begin in wealthy country, you infect others more slowly. (Wealthy countries are not good for beginning)
Worst countries to begin:
Central Europe is one of the worst places to start (rich, no ports/airports, rich neighbours,cold)
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