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[Help] Can't Restore my archivements
06-12-2016, 10:21 PM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2016 10:23 PM by mangaka_online.)
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RE: [Help] Can't Restore my archivements
(12-06-2016 12:20 AM)Quackpower Wrote:  Hello everybody Smile

i just got a new phone , and tried to install and recover the data from plague inc (normal version for android) on my new phone (Samsung J7) i had a Samsung galaxy ace before.

i used the function "restore progres" and "restore purchase" whitin the app, however it recovered almost everything, i had the sccenarios, the other maps, gens, some records , etc. but noone of my archivements was recovered, i had almost everyone ;(.

the funny thing is that every archivements is still in my google play games account,

[Image: photo_2016_06_11_18_16_24.jpg]

[Image: photo_2016_06_11_18_16_35.jpg]

as you can see in the image, i dont have any archivements ( i played a game i go some)

and if i click the google play button on the right corner of the screen im able to see all the archivements that i had.

is there a way to recover them? they took me a lot to get :/

I have exactly the same problem and would also like to get it fixed. I didn't have most achievements, but I had enough to want it fixed.....
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