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New Gameplay - Countries
29-05-2014, 10:14 PM
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DNA New Gameplay - Countries
This is a killer game. I remember a flash game a long time ago that was pretty similar that I really enjoyed. When I found this I was blown away. I unlocked all the normal features through playing then went and purchased the pack so I could unleash the zombies!

So there's a new idea I had. Bring it down from the global scale and let us attack specific countries. Something along the lines of terrorist emp's shutting down communications and the world is isolated and now the terrorists have unleashed a new disease. There is room for a great deal more dinamics here. Like biolabs, infrastructures (power, utilities, government agencies), natural resources and topography (move the plague on the waterways, infect Seattle and San Francisco then NYC). Plus a ton more things to do, kind of turn it into a marathon, probably take about 3-4 hours to play through a country. Really add some replay value.

Any other ideas, lets go!
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