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So, the new plague is coming, place your bets!
18-06-2014, 01:15 AM
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RE: So, the new plague is coming, place your bets!
(17-06-2014 07:40 AM)tau1996 Wrote:  
(17-06-2014 02:37 AM)JASTER Wrote:  I would say, that it might be a virus from space.
You know, sort of a virus or alien type bug, hitching a ride on a meteor.
Like the movie, Andromeda Strain? maybe.
Where it mutates in earth atmosphere.


Meterite-fall-CABOOM!!!-shards of meterite-crystal-goes underground-What is this beatifull thing-Arrrgh!!!-Mom,there is a body there!!!!-No,its a glass statue siily-Stop-What da hell...-Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!-a year later-Sir,the delta-two column is crushing LA-Sarge,launche da nukes-Aye-BBC News:The crystal columns crushed LA,Washington,Chicago.London is holding.Rome is holding.Pekin is holding.Moscow counter-strikes using a new B.E.A.R technology.President Volodimir Putin says that a similar blight was found in Stalins time,and that Russia has the technology and experience to deal with this.Chinese Emperor Kim Chen In says that they found a way to utilize the crystal,using a new Akushiromato harvester-Sad news:Angela Merkel says that '99 percents of Germany are foccilised'.The only green zone left-Greenland and Norwey-they utilize a new Dovahkin cyborg,that destroys the crysstal on molekular levels,using a sonic Fus Ro Dah! weapon.Thats all for today. A column crushed the BBC center

Its crisstaline blight...

Kim Jong Un is not from China. I am offended.
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