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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
29-03-2014, 01:34 PM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
(29-03-2014 12:57 PM)Hollow Wrote:  
(29-03-2014 10:07 AM)PiekarzPL Wrote:  
(28-03-2014 11:57 PM)Hollow Wrote:  Outside of Necroa: I still have never yet gotten this achievement, eventhough I have played every Pathogen type:

[Image: Evolvement_Achievement.png]


I've got this achievement with turning On "Extra Popups" option. Wink Without it you won't get this achievement.

I immediately tried it, and it worked! Thank you! Smile

I also noticed that since the public beta, when alt+tabbing a lot, especially in Window Mode, the game crashes along with Steam, forcing it to resynchronize again.


No problem Wink But I think it should be fixed. It's a bit confusing because it is a very basic achievement.
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