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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
21-04-2014, 01:44 PM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
(21-04-2014 02:49 AM)GhostZero Wrote:  I've posted before and I've been ignored. This isn't the first time I've been ignored either; when I first had problems I was overlooked until days, even weeks later. I'm fairly upset with the lack of response I'm getting. Even an "I don't know" would be better than downright bypassing my pleas for help and moving on towards other people. That being said, I'm asking again.

My game freezes on a black screen after the first two logos. The music continues playing but I see nothing. I've attached my output_log.txt.

Now I know the game is in its early stages and I should expect bugs and problems, but I should also expect some sort of response when I bring these problems to light. I've paid for this game, I'd like some sort of help with getting it to at least play so I'd be able to enjoy the product I've purchased and possibly help eliminate bugs for the final product.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry that you don't feel listened too. We do read all the posts and do our best to respond. First thing to check is that your graphics drivers are up-to-date - this is especially important with Windows 8.1. Once you are sure the hardware has got the right drivers, then we suggest a re-install of the game. This also makes sure that your machine has all the other libraries needed to run it. If after these you get the same issue, then you can contact us directly on pctechsupport at - Thanks!
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