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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
25-06-2014, 12:23 PM
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RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
Hi again,

not sure if this has been reported before or when it started to happen. I haven't used save games too much before. However, when I played around today, I noticed that the 'load game' from the main menu fails to display the first three save games.
When you are in a game and press X/esc to get to the menu and use the 'Load game' from there, they are all displayed. When saving an additional game, I also get the complete list. It really is just the 'Load game' from the main menu when you enter the game, that hides some of your saves Wink

Attaching two screenshots. I have not deleted any games in between the shots. It's just one from the in-game-menu (showing 5 saves) and the start-up menu (showing only 2)

if you have less than four save games, by the way, it is slightly confusing. When the loading screen opens (from the main menu again) you have an empty list left yet on the right side it does display the game information of the most recent game. So it still works. you are just forced to play the most recent save.

Thanks for all your work Smile

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