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Official Bug Report & Known Issues
30-06-2014, 06:05 AM
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Biohazard RE: Official Bug Report & Known Issues
I habe trouble With the cheats achievement. I played all games on brutal, but didn't get it. I have an iPod an an iPhone and play on both. Not all results be shared each time after the last upgrade. On iPods Game Center the achievement looks done, on iPhone not. Same account on iCloud. In game is this achievement on both devices closed. Finally I buyed the cheats but still want the achievement. I played again all on brutal, on both devices, win all games with 3 biopoints, but still doesn't dislocate in game and Game Center on both. Another: The "long shot" achievement it shows as won in game, but in Game Center only on one device. I get this combo on both devices couple of time, so it should be won? This all after the last upgrade.

Can anyone help? Thanks!
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