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Mutation 10 - Plague being detected early
27-12-2014, 12:14 PM
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Mutation 10 - Plague being detected early

I am not sure if this is a bug or if it is part of the new update and I would like some enlightment about that.

Since the new update (mutation 10), when you start a new game in any plague type and any difficulty, your plague will already be a bit infectious and severe.
By that I mean the progress bars (infectivity & severity) in the disease screen are not at 0% at the beginning of the game.

Practically speaking, it means that your plague will eventualy be detected without evolving any symptom (which wasn't the case up to this update, except on mega-brutal difficulty with the random check-ups).

This make the game a whole lot more difficult (on any difficulty) especially for some of the achievements where the key is to stay undetected for quite a while, which has now become impossible.

I first noticed that while attempting the "Glados says Hi" achievement where you have to infect the islands (Greenland, Madagascar, New Zeland...) before the world becomes aware of your plague and starts teleporting to uncontaminated islands.
I have tried all other plague types/scenarios and noticed it was the case for each of them.

So is it normal and part of the update, making the old 'infect the whole world undetected, then becoming lethal' strategy osolete?
Or is it a bug?

Thank you Smile


PS: I'm running Plague inc on a Samsung Galaxy S4, Android version 4.4
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