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A Collection of Ideas
03-04-2014, 08:15 PM (This post was last modified: 03-04-2014 08:16 PM by Hollo48d.)
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RE: A Collection of Ideas
(29-03-2014 06:46 PM)Death Stal Wrote:  
(08-03-2014 12:08 PM)FireCor Wrote:  
(07-03-2014 11:28 PM)JMour Wrote:  
(07-03-2014 10:52 PM)FireCor Wrote:  You could combine those two. Like the pollen of the plants will be infected as well. And if you breathe them in you would become infected.
This may works... This may can be add after air and water be more close.
Maybe livestock too, 'cause they have constant contact with pasture.
Since we are talking about new transmission ways, how about infected pets?

Damn with all these good ideas they have to make another transmission page.
But infecting pets is really just the last animal upgrade when all the animals (can) become infected.
But that livestock-plant idea is amezing.

And how about if you upgrade water+air fully, rain becomes infected too.
And if you could combine water with animals, fish would become infected as well.
And humans that eats that kind of fish would be infected

But there is not enough space on that page to have it all, they would have to make another Tongue.

Firecorn, if there is no space for the tree I know an idea. An amazing one. When ever the tree is full. All the transmission,symptoms and abilities get smaller. And if they are too small for you to click. Use zoom. So this allows thousands of things that help your disease evolve come true!

I have already suggested a better idea: Scrollable Symptom trees, or pages. Then you don't have to keep scrolling to be able to see what the Symptoms actually are, and still be able to have a longer tree.

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07-04-2014, 06:32 PM
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RE: A Collection of Ideas
I'm especially bullish on the pathogens:
•Probiotic: Murdering gets old after a few times, so why not try to aid humanity in the race to overcome deadly pathogens (agentexeider)
•Extraterrestrial Plague: Life unlike anything we've seen before, who knows what brought it, where it came from, or what (who?) sent it. (JMoura)
•Reversal Mode: Play as a government trying to keep you're country under control in the times of infection. (

Symptoms seem fine, it's just up to the developers. Honestly speaking, however, they really need to add a LOT MORE of them. There are THOUSANDS of potential symptoms that could occur from a pathogen, we shouldn't be so limited in our evolution choices. A simple expansion of a dozen or so additional symptoms would even be enough.

For the other suggestions...
• Exportable Replays (Chezzy)
This goes without saying. I have no respect or tolerance any more for game designers who ignore this feature. It's something that people cask for in every single game that doesn't come with it, and it's one of the simplest things to build into a game, especially when they already have a map view that loops over and over after you finish. No excuse for this to not already be in the game other than a lazy dev team.
• Incubation period (nomad005)
• Population movement (Hollow)
• Last ditch plan of humanity (Arterron2)
• More events like plane hijacks, wars, crashes etc. (Hollow)
• Plants as a Transmission (FireCorn)
All of these are good ideas that would add levels of immersion and realism to a "realistic world sim"
• Ability to see incompletely infected countries (LiquidBacon)
• Holdover tool tips to bring up country information (StormFireX)
• Pull country information before starting infection (StormFireX)
The three of these would all be very useful, and would help improve a very user-unfriendly UI.
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14-07-2014, 05:24 PM
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RE: A Collection of Ideas
New Infection - alien organism from John Carpenters movie "The Thing"
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19-07-2014, 11:27 AM
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RE: A Collection of Ideas
Wow, great ideas Smile. I would also like to add something from me.

So firstly, I am a geography maniac, therefore I am obsessed with all the "country statistics" and etc. One of the main change, just to diverse the game a little bit, would be adding new countries, "big enough" to click on, for instance Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Mali, Mauritania, Southern Sahara, Belarus, Southern Sudan, Somalia, Ireland and Chad. It could lengthen the gameplay and enrich the plague world with new cultures (I am especially excited with the pictures showing the current state of a place).

Well, it would not be the biggest change, but the gameplay could profit on it and more plague gamers could be satisfied that there is a small particle of their culture put in the game.
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19-07-2014, 01:15 PM
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RE: A Collection of Ideas
I think it would be cool to be able to change the map a bit, for instance in the ice age scenario the word could look more frozen, and in the mirror world scenario the countries could look different in some way.
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19-07-2014, 09:27 PM
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RE: A Collection of Ideas
My idea is to put more events every year that influence in the development of the match. For example, on February 14 if you have the symptom that spread through kisses the amount of infected up. Another date can be on the International Day of No Smoking and that day can do less deads by respiratory diseases.

Greetings from Spain : D
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20-07-2014, 10:07 AM
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RE: A Collection of Ideas
Another point, would be evolving street level views depending to the disease (for instance in necroa virus, there could be zombies in the streets, and in simian flu, there could be some apes).
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