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Help translate Plague Inc: Evolved!
10-03-2014, 04:48 PM
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RE: Help translate Plague Inc: Evolved!
(10-03-2014 03:19 PM)Pandemico Wrote:  
(10-03-2014 09:42 AM)PAX-12 Wrote:  
(08-03-2014 12:47 PM)Pandemico Wrote:  
(08-03-2014 08:34 AM)PAX-12 Wrote:  Lethality inside the glossary is still "Tödlichkeit", meh. Big Grin

Jeah, but "Letalität" sounds better...much better. Dodgy

Sarcasm, or did you misread my post?
I complained that it still was Tödlichkeit instead of Letalität, which is the better term.

*facepalm* sorry, i don't know what i was thinking.
Jeah, well i hope they use the correct term in the game. Big Grin

I've unlocked "Tödlichkeit", so please vote up Letalität if that is the best! Thanks a lot!
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