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Replayability - What keeps bringing you back to a game?
24-03-2014, 02:10 AM (This post was last modified: 24-03-2014 02:19 AM by Furrydragonair.)
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RE: Replayability - What keeps bringing you back to a game?
I first ran into a game like this when i played "Pandemic 2" online, which is by now a really old game, but the idea of creating something to destroy humanity just intrigued me, and causing people to get all new kinds of symptoms that over time destroyed them? AWESOME!

There's pointers though, to what i find myself coming back for. and i'll do it in an order of 3, where i'll put the most important one first.

  1. Mystery
    Yes, mystery. The unknown in not knowing just how the neurax worm worked, or how i best could create the ultimate Virus. The fact from every different disease you have a new content of some sort. Another way of doing things, but the whole fact that there's something new, something different, and a mystery that shows me something that seem interresting, but at the same time doesn't give me any idea of what it brings with it.

  2. Completion/Unable to proceed
    If something isn't completed or im unable to proceed for whatever reason, i will lose interrest because i will have hit this thing that left a "mark" on the experience in playing the game. If i've played for a long time and suddenly hit this thing that might ruin it, it will be fine, but if i hit this thing in the beginning of my playthough, in the beginning of me learning and experiencing the game, it will mean so much that i might not come back to the game because it caused frustration.

  3. The thrill/Content
    A bit like number 1, but with a slight difference. It have a direct connection to content because without content, it's impossible.
    Unlocking new things, proceeding forward, getting new stuff.
    I wan't to unlock more types of disease!
    I wan't to unlock mores genes!
    I want more!!!!
    If a game manages to cause this, which i feel your game already does, the longer it can keep this feeling, the longer someone will play the game. And if you play a game a lot, and there's just still more thrills to be had and more content to unlock, the interrest will keep pilling up.

Without nr. 1, nr. 3 wouldn't work because there might be more content, but if i don't know it, if i can't see it and think of it, i wont try and get it. and if nr. 2 isn't proper, then i will get frustrated, loose interrest and leave.
nr. 3 is there to keep me playing hours and hours on end.

[EDIT] Beeing able to customize how the menu looks, colours of the disease dots in the game, choosing new pictures that will slide over the icons for the selected country, play on another planet or maybe an interstelar spaceship, all kinds of odd stuff that's custamizable would be awesome to have too, but maybe that's just more ideas

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